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Supremacy 1914

Railguns are the most powerful land-based ranged weapon, with a range far superior to that of standard Artillery and even greater than the sea-faring Battleship. For this reason, they are the weapon of choice for eliminating enemy fortresses containing large numbers of artillery and are also fairly useful for eliminating enemy Battleships that stray too close to the shore. Railgun have a major weakness however, as they can only move in provinces with a fully functional Railway and also move very slowly, making them an easy target for faster units such as Infantry and Tanks. Due to this slow movement, Railguns are best used for static defense in fortresses. If you must move a railgun, remember to guard it well, because they are poor at defending themselves.

As a consequence of being a mechanical unit, the strength of a Railgun will remain at the initial strength, regardless of the morale of the Railgun.

Supremacy 1914

General Information

Strength 3

Firing Range:150 km (10p map)

               400 km (31p map)

Land Speed: 13 km/h

Water Speed: 21 km/h

Production Time: 12 days divided by Factory level

Unit Cost

Cash 50,000

Iron 10,000

Lumber 5,000

Coal 5,000

Oil 10,000


Factory Level 3

Province Upgrades Railway

‘Extra Units’Goldfeature No

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