Stormthrone In-depth Guide for Paladin

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This guide is just a guide for Paladin users or planning on making a paladin character. If you have suggestions kindly comment down below:


Pros and Cons

* Very Powerful
* Takish ( can tank bosses ) (Solo instances)
* High HP and Defence
* Have heal

* Very Slow attack speed.
* High Agro ( Due to Careless Toss a sling shield Talent upgrade )


Unlike Warriors Paladin request a lot of HP and DEf ( Mag and Phy ) since they are the front liners of the game not to mention they got a lot of aggro.

As you can see on the picture above. I suggest getting more on Stamina ( adds 20 HP per point ) and Spirit ( adds 1 Phy and 1 Mag Def per 1 point) since they are the main stats for Paladin.


Skills are really important in farming and guiding your team to victory. You can Open the Skills interface by pressing P.

TIPS: always save your MANUALS to upgrade your skills. The higher the level of the skill the more it requires more MANUAL and GOLD, you also need to reach a specific level to upgrade it.

You can farm MANUALS in DUNGEONS and BOSSES.


Skill passives and one of the most important part of being a tanker. The passives has the capabilities to make you stronger.  1.) Passive skills requires to be obtained like MANUALS, they can be looted in Aeon Fort. ..  2.) in order to upgrade passives they require Polar Souls that can also be obtains in Aeon Fort.

*Upgrade passive skills requires Level,  Gold and Polar Souls



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