Stone Age Kings: Preview

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Stone Age Kings

1. Introduction

Stone Age Kings is a free browser strategy game that plays in a fanciful stone age. You begin as a small chieftain in your village and try over time to create an empire. You're playing with and against thousands of other Stone Age Kings players.

The game runs entirely in your browser and only requires the Flash plug-in from Adobe, which you will most likely already have, it's the same as the one need to watch videos on Youtube. Stone Age Kings runs even when you close the game and are no longer on the Internet. The bustle in your village goes on cheerfully, even if you do not intervene directly.

If you're wondering how best you begin, you should stick to the quests. Here you can get with the familiar features of the game.

2. Village Overview

Stone Age Kings Screenshot

OK, lets start at the top left and work across to the right. By clicking on most of the icons a second time will close the corresponding display.

Event Viewer

Click the event viewer lets you know about troop movements, trade actions explorations It glows green when there is a new or unread event.


Click this to open a new window to the rank listing of players in the SAK world.

Building Slot (Wall)

This building slot will only support the building of a wall, it is the only place a wall can be constructed in the village.


Click this to find out what your next quest is, or what your current quest is. This quest link will disappear once all starting quests are completed. Complete the offered quest to simplify the introduction to the game. You can do the quest only once and cannot skip them. For questions about the quests you can look in the FAQ section of the Forum. If you still have questions that remain unanswered, then hopefully someone will help you in the chat.


Click this to open the chat window. Please read the chat rules before entering the chat. The people writing in green are Mods. The Mods will be keeping an eye on chat, and are able to ban people for bad behaviour. In the main "Chat" [tab] area you are involved with everyone. In the "Clan"[tab] your writing will be in blue, and only visible to other clan members. In the "Private" [tab] your writing will appear a soft brown in colour, and be visible to the person you are in private chat with. The messages that are private will say "[persons name] whispered and will look like /w prior to sending. To whisper to someone, just click on their name in the chat window, and in the text area at the bottom, you will see "/w personsname" and then write you message.



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