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The Boss is dead. Hail to the Boss!

Build a woodcutter in your village.

My son! For more than 50 winters, I was the Boss of this family. Now my time is over. Our ancestors are waiting for me. Now it's your turn to lead the family and our tribe. Unfortunately, we both know, you're your mother's son. To prevent a complete fail of yours, I'll have a look at your first steps. Don't disappoint me, or I'll haunt your dreams. At first, you should start building your village with a woodcutter in order to establish your village's wood production.

Hell, it's about time! At least it wasn't a complete disaster. I'll reward you with the promised raw materials. Now let's see if you can handle the next quests.

Let's go hunting!

Your inhabitants want food. Build a hunting lodge.

My son! Wood tastes tough, and stones are hard to digest! Make sure your village always has enough food, or your people will die or run away. So don't be an idiot, and build a hunting lodge without further delay. That should enable you to cope with the worst of the hunger.

Have you really found someone who will do the dangerous hunt for you? Perhaps that's better - everyone would have starved if it had been left to you. Well, I have to admit - you're not as stupid as I thought. Your reward is on its way. Let's see how you cope with the next task ...


Build a storehouse!

To have more space for your resources you need a storehouse. This also saves your resources from rude raiders.

Now your life is more save. Lets go ahead!

Stone on Stone!

Build a stonecutter!

Stones, my son! Stones! Without stones you are simply nothing. Without stones you cant build and when you cant build you can do nothing. So go ahead and build your first stonecutter.

Very nice. Now we have stones, fur and food in, whats left?

The last resource

Build a furrier!

Son, surely you've guessed it already? Right! You need fur. What a genius you are. Build a furrier and he will supply you with fur.

Now we have a solid base for your village.

Too little

Raise your woodcutter to level 2!

Those little buildings are not enough! I hope you know this? Best is start raising your woodcutter to level 2.

Well! One more lesson i have teached you.

Higher! Faster! Further!

Extend a building to Level 2 and research an upgrade for it.

My son. You should slowly be seeing how to increase a village by adding new buildings. But I'll let you into a secret: any building can be given an extension, which is a major improvement. What a shame it's not as easy with sons ... Anyway: try to research an upgrade. You'll need plenty of bronze, and usually a building on Level 2.

Not bad, little one; for once it hasn't been a complete failure! Remember well how you did it; you'll be doing it again more than once. Let's see if you're man enough for the next task!

Defend yourself, Sissy!

We need some soldiers for protection.
Build a barracks!

Do you remember this lad from the neighboring village? The one who always pinched your mammoth sandwich, and then gave you a drubbing? THAT's the kind of boy we need; they could protect the village. Build a barracks, boy, then we can equip a few strong lads with clubs and spears and defend ourselves if we have to. Don't think you'll be able to manage it on your own?

See, it can be done. And I'll send you a few units for your new barracks. But remember that a payment has to be made for every soldier. So think carefully before you recruit anyone else in the future.

Coping with winter 

Collect 750 food units.

Now we've got soldiers we can start to build up supplies. Food and leather are particularly important, because they're what your villagers need. And when they're all gone, your people will clear off. Like your women always do. So what are you waiting for - get 750 food units into the stores. Of course, you have to have enough storage space.

Oh, what a celebration! The stores are full, and the atmosphere is excellent. Now we can have a proper celebration with wine, women and song. What a shame we spirits can only watch. But then... Perhaps I did you a disservice, my son. So far you've accomplished your tasks with skill. Let's see how it continues...

Encouraging talent 

Build a sacrificial altar to receive one talent point.

My son. We both know that you had no talents when you were born. But don't worry; that doesn't always have to be so. Go and build an altar and pray to the gods. Over time, they will bless you with more and more talent points with every upgrade, which you can then distribute in ""My talents"" to improve yourself and your empire.

See, my boy; it wasn't that bad. Use wisely the strength that the gods will bestow on you! And you can't be tired; I've still got some tasks for you.

Christen your town

Give your village the name of your choice.

My son. You have now learnt the most important things that a young boss has to learn. I never thought you'd last this long. You deserve to be able to give your village the name of your choice. Go to your town hall and rename your village.

Now it really is YOUR village, my son. But we are still not done yet.

Freezing is unhealthy

Collect 1500 leather units in the stores.

To make your residents satisfied and increase rapidly, you should also always provide enough leather. Fill your stores with 1500 leather, so that we can move forward. A furrier should get you ahead faster.

Very good! Your people should first be satisfied for a while. Let's continue...

Raise your village level

Raise your town hall to level 3

Your town hall is the most important building my son! From here you conduct all your business. The town hall also represents the level of your village and ensures that you can hold more people in your village.

Your village grows and prospers and so does your father's pride. Now you can add significantly more citizens and squeeze out more taxes from them.

New Village

Colonize a new village!

A good ruler, my son, shall never put all his eggs in a nest. It is important that you constantly expand your empire and open up new villages. So go out now and settle another village!

Finally! Let's see if the next task is also for you!

Conquer a cave

It is time for you to make a name for yourself in the world, my son. Go out and conquer a cave.

My son. There are strategically important caves in the world out there, and holding and owning them is a task for kings. You will benefit from powerful gifts from the gods for as long as you own them. Set up an army, my son, and conquer one of these caves. Go and make your father proud! But be careful: all the other bosses want these caves, too. This task will be your ultimate test!

You really made it! Let's move on!

The economist

Build the merchant and the storehouse to at least level 5

Just because you now have once occupied a cave, your people will not always love you. You also have to understand your business. And what will probably be very important for it? Right! A good merchant and well-built storage areas. So, build your merchant and the warehouse at least level 5!

Look at that! It is time for the absolutely final ultimate task!

An empire

Lay the foundation for your kingdom. Rule over at least 5 villages.

My beloved son! It is now time for your last and most difficult test. Yes, your father is cruel! But it cant be all the time that easy. Now it is finally exciting. We lay the foundation for your kingdom. Colonize more villages, and rule over at least 5 villages.

My son! With what doubts I once saw you as my successor - and what pride fills me today! I will now go to our ancestors, safe in the knowledge that you have everything under control here. But don't worry! Full of respect, we will continue to watch your development. Goodbye for now, my son. Go and build your empire!




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