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Starlight Story is the newest game in the roster of games at Aeria Games; it recently ended its closed beta. Players are put in a light-hearted world which offers a variety of features based in a colorful world.

Character creation in the game is fairly basic. There are five classes to choose from (with 2 classes branching from each) and the ability to be either gender from each class. Besides that there are no other options for customization, which is fairly basic for browser based mmorpgs.

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Combat in the game is fairly basic point and click. You target a creature to attack it, and use skills when you feel like it to do some bonus damage to the object of your ruthless attacks. The basis of even having to do this can be circumvented by the in-game bot that is present in the game which will do everything from auto killing monsters that you need for quests, to fighting off general monsters for AFK grinding/ AFK dungeon/boss fighting. The bot itself is done fairly well, offering a good amount of options for those who don't spend money on the VIP options, including unlimited use and auto –skill/potting. Another aspect to the combat is the transforming aspect, which acts as a sort of Rage system that is present in other games. As you fight a meter goes up and when it fills you get to transform for a short duration, the kicker is that there are a lot of different forms you can take on that you unlock through means such as general questing, buying, or even fighting the form in order to earn it for yourself. They're fairly useful since the amount of bonus stats you get in that form can makes fights a lot easier at times, especially for situations where you're fighting groups of monsters you wish to wipe out quickly.

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Quests and leveling progression was done fairly well in the game, at least from what I have seen during beta. They throw a lot of quests at you from the get-go which not only give you enough to do, but during those stints in gameplay where you usually need to grind from one level to the next in order to get to another quest didn't seem present, instead you're swarmed with countless side quests and activities to do that keep you occupied during that time.

As stated, they offer a lot of side activities for you to do when you get bored of questing. They range from fighting world bosses to doing daily survival runs where you fight off waves of monsters and see how long you last/defend the helpless NPC that is getting attacked. It is fun, and can still be done in an AFK state thanks to the aforementioned AFK bot in game, so for those who think these things are tedious, but want to still do them, you don't really need to do them on your own.

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One of the main features in the game is the pet system, which is done fairly well, from what I have seen. Your pet acts as a battle buddy and can level up alongside you and learn their own skills and with their own leveling features with customization options beyond their own skill leveling. They even have their own little mini-game of sorts, which you get to play as a sort of distraction each day that also offers the chance to gain some extra items. It plays out as a mini text adventure that allows you to pick choices when certain random situations pop up. Such as a mother who lost her child, and if your pet should help the sobbing mother, or refuse her and go on its way. Each decision has its own response and takes from a pool of other events that are randomly generated. It goes by quick and is fun to read at times.

Graphically it is nice, but also kind of comes off a bit play doughy, if you understand the reference. Some of the models look closer to clay figures than well worked models. The world is also a bit more cheery and upbeat, which is a turn off for a good number of people, but doesn't bother me much in that sense.

First impression is that the game is fairly well done and offers a lot to do at first glance. It was really easy to level up and progress, not only thanks to the AFK tools, but all of the quests thrown at you to help leveling to an acceptable level even easier. There were also a lot of features still to unlock, but that will need to wait till open beta; so far though, the game seems to be worth trying out.

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I have been playing mmos since about 1999, and haven't stopped since, and I cannot even remember when I started console/pc gaming. I'm an avid gamer who does dive back into the real world from time to time. My all time goal is to start my own business, but that is taking a side step as I am going through college.



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