Stardrift Empires, a Game of Galactic Conquest!

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Stardrift Empires

Stardrift Empires, the latest real time strategy game from Blue Frog Gaming.

Set in a sprawling multi-galaxy universe, Stardrift Empires integrates fun game play elements into an intergalactic combat crusade. Players aim to build a thriving planet-empires by arming themselves against enemy forces and preparing for battle. As leaders of their planets, players strive to build powerful empires and colonize new planets, while getting helpful tips from Lt. Rayne Galeguard, a personal military adviser. Throughout the game, players can recruit friends, build ships and defenses, and research new technologies as they fight for right to call themselves Supreme Conqueror of Stardrift Empires.

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Stardrift Empires features include:

  • Building your Empire. Feared by your allies and hated by your enemies, build your empire from the ground up. Build mines to harvest resources, build planetary defenses to protect your empire, and build ships to spread your dominance across the Universe.
  • Mobilizing your Fleet. Get ready to fight. Build formidable ships and ground defenses to beat enemy invaders back and to conquer other planets. Use research laboratories to upgrade your ships and defenses and unlock new units and technologies
  • Recruit your Friends. There is strength in numbers. Recruit your friends to earn bonuses for your planets and join an Alliance to help you attack enemies and defend your planets in your quest to become Supreme Conqueror.
  • Guided Beginnings. Lt. Rayne Galeguard is a military veteran with the knowledge and experience to help you  get started in building a powerful empire. She will offer advice and rewards for completing various missions while you begin your quest towards total domination.

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Stardrift Empires is available now through Facebook at or through our standalone site at



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