Star Fever Agency: Guide A Fashion Model to Stardom

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Star Fever Agency

Star Fever Agency is a browser based game where players take on the role of a talent agent and guide a fashion model to stardom. Dress up your star, set their daily agenda and upgrade their house and car. Visit Chat City to meet other agents and trade business cards. Form teams and mutually benefit from the success of your talent.

Star Fever Agency Screenshots
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Office and Agent Profile
In your Office you can access your Navigation PPO, Agent Status Widget, and the Links Menu.

Please Note: Your Agent Status Widget and the Links Menu are available almost everywhere (but this is the only place you can access your Navigation PPO. In your Agent Profile you can see your Privilege Card, cash, level (Stars), Privilege Points, and the total money you have earned. You can also modify your Agent or Business Card and buy Privilege Points.

Star Fever Agency Screenshots
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You can access your Stars using the Navigation PPO located in your “Office.” You can access your Office any time by clicking “Office” on the Links Menu.

· In the Offers tab found in Email, click on the offer you wish to accept.
· On this screen you will see the name of the movie, genre, role type, Star wage, your cut, duration and criteria.
· Select the Star you want to offer for the role on the right hand side
· To accept click “yes” on the small pop-up
The audition will automatically show in your agenda. After you have set your agenda, play the Audition Mini Game. Winning the role depends on your results in the Mini Game, whether or not you meet the criteria and your popularity. You will learn the results on the first time you log in on the next game day.

Star Fever Agency Screenshots
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Star Fever Agency Screenshots
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