Star Trek: Infinite Space Alpha Build Preview

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Star Trek: Infinite Space

In the E3 Expo. 2011, Gameforge reveiled the latest develop progress of its Star Trek: Infinite Space, the free-to-play, browser-based game set in the franchise's Deep Space Nine timeline. The game is about to come out this fall.

As the development is coming to its end, people had been able to play the alpha build of Star Trek: Infinite Space in E3. Below is a preview made by Nerd Reactor:

Players will take on the role of a captain of the United Federation of Planets or the Klingon Empire, assemble their own crew in which they represent stats and skills, and customize their ships to best suit their purposes. The storyline is set during Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and was written by author Lee Sheldon (Star Trek: The Next Generation). Gameforge also enlisted the aid of Michael and Denise Okuda, contributors and authors of the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and music legend Chris Hülsbeck composed and arranged the game’s soundtrack.

Star Trek: Infinite Space Preview

Missions in Star Trek: Infinite Space are designed to be non-linear with multiple outcomes where players can advance the story through either aggressive or diplomatic tactics. There are three types of missions in the game which can be accessed from any library terminal in one of the many stations or bars throughout the game. In main missions players will be able to meet recognizable characters from the series and play through a tale of ‘war, friendship and betrayal’. Players will also be able to improve their skills though missions that will allow them to hone their skills in defending an allied base, protecting a convoy, encounter alien species, or blasting an enemy station into space dust. And on side missions players will be able to discover secrets hidden in the vast expanse of space, such as sending down away teams or a probe to investigate planets for resources to upgrade their ships or further along a mission. All missions can be played solo or joined up with parties up to five where players can take on roles such as a repair craft (healer), attack ship (damage dealer), or defensive vessel (tank).

Star Trek: Infinite Space Preview

While it is a free to play game for those interested in shelling out the extra real world cash or gold pressed latinum as they call it in game will be able to gain experience at a faster rate and able to access better loot. Those looking for social interaction will be able to form guilds where they can get their own space stations and furnish it to their taste by purchasing tables, chairs, and etc.

Star Trek: Infinite Space Preview




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