Star Supremacy Guide: Longevity Token Guide& Information

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Star Supremacy

first everyone wonder what is Longevity token and how it working.

Here: Longevity token use to reborn your commander to get new better commander and level will be back to level with bonus exp.

+ Level of your commander will be percent of success using Longevity token.

+ success = getting better commander which add 0.5 star higher your total star of your commander. in other word your commander will gain 0.5 each reborn.

+ fail = you will lose commander power or some level.


-you need at least level 60 commander for better success chance.

-take out all ship before use

-take out equipment before use

why commander has different color?

- white commander is commander who has less than 15 total stars

-blue commander is commander who has 15.5 total stars to 20 total stars

- purple commander is commander who has 20.5+ total stars

good luck on seeking for super commander

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