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Star Supremacy

Many players will complain that this game is exactly what it is: a waiting game. You do certain tasks and then wait until they are finished. Certain tasks take a few hours to complete but it varies. But that's exactly what the game is about. You can play the game and easily get hooked. You can also play and do other things at the same time. Want to play another browser game or do some work while you wait for tasks to be completed? Go for it! If you want things to finish sooner, you have to use your in-game credits or gold to buy special items to speed things up.

In order to level up, you need to do quite a few things: research, raid and capture research nodes, grow and expand your colony, and design your ships. The more you do and the more you complete, the more points you get. The more battles your commander endures, the more experience they will get. And of course, the more experience they get, the more they level. It is suggested to new players that they should follow the tutorial at the beginning of the game and then once you are in the game, focus hard on raiding the nearest low-level resource nodes. Raiding will help your commander level up. Once you know how to raid, you can build and upgrade your buildings, which will help gather and accumulate your overall resources. That's basically it.

It's a pretty easy game once you play it. It's definitely an MMORTS that stands out due to its unique features such as capturing resource nods outside of your colony and gathering resources over a period of time. Instead of creating a lot monsters to fight outside colonies, you take your commander, assign ships to them, and send them out. Oh and did I forget to mention: you are also assigned a military rank in the game. Yea, the developers do their best to make you feel special as a player but also tries their best to give youa challenge in the game.

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