Star Supremacy: Complete Survival Handbook

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Star Supremacy

Star Supremacy is a strategic war game where players not only need to master the art of attack, but should also learn to defend and solidify their own power. So, before attack and expansion, we must learn how to survive.

Star Supremacy

Living Principle 1

Improve your initial colony as soon as possible. Your initial colony cannot be attacked, so when you colonize elsewhere, make sure you have built up enough resources and ship reserves to create a strong enough defense. This will discourage other players from assaulting the colony.

Living Principle 2

Join a powerful alliance. Creating or joining an alliance will grant you access to various rewards. Under the allies’ help, your colony defense will be greatly increased. Allies can dispatch fleets to garrison on each other’s colonies to aid in defense against incoming attacks. With a friends’ assistance, what is there to be afraid of?

Living Principle 3

When you colonize a second planet, the choice of the location is very important. You should keep clear of densely populated areas to avoid unnecessary attacks and troubles. Ideally, when you develop a second or the third colony it should be on a high-level planet with sufficient resources and rewards. This will increase development.

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