Star Supremacy Gudie: Forging the Most Powerful Commander

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Star Supremacy

In Star Supremacy, talents are the core of combat. With a powerful commander, you will be all-conquering in combat, and enemies will be terror-stricken at the sight of you. Currently, you can obtain commanders by recruiting them, earning them in quests, capturing them in combat, and rebirth.

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You recruit commanders at your Base Control. You may only recruit "Normal Commanders" there.

Quest Rewards:

Some special quests will be rewarded with a "Main Commander", who is better than a "Normal Commander". Complete as many quests as possible, and you might find pleasant surprise.

Capturing from Combat:

Fighting against NPC's on resource nodes will provide you with a chance of capturing a commander. Higher level resource nodes present stronger NPC's. Defeating these will increase your chances of capturing a stronger commander.


By using a longevity token, you can acquire a stronger commander with better attributes than you're original. Every time a commander is reborn, their attributes will increase. Players can gain very strong commanders by reusing the longevity tokens on the same commander. The success chance of being reborn is relevant to the commander level. The higher the level, the bigger the success chance. If reborn fails however, the longevity token will disappear. Players can get access to longevity tokens from their weekly rankings.



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