Spiral Knights CBT Preview:

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Spiral Knights

This is a preview of the browser-based 3D action game Spiral Knights latest closed beta test. For more articles from Dr.Professor, you could visit his blog on MMOsite.

Dr Professor

Spiral Knights CBT Preview

By Dr.Professor

I was talking to my friends on Facebook contemplating just how awful the games you see in Facebook ads are, and also thinking about how painful most browser based RPG's are. Then I stumbled upon an ad for Spiral Knights which is both of these things. And that’s all the more reason this game blew me away.

Spiral Knights is a tiny, very new, obscure browser game made by... by um... interestingly enough, the company who actually made this game is nowhere to be found on the website. Moving right along then: Spiral Knights is a casual action MMO RPG based on working together with the nice community and gaining money to buy bigger swords to hit bigger things. There's no PvP, questing, leveling system... or.... as a matter of fact, there's not much RPG to speak of. The only RPG element this game has going for it to date is the items. You can buy and equip items to improve. Think: Legend of Zelda with more weapons to choose from. In fact, that's pretty much a good summary of this game. Spiral Knights is basically a mix of Castle Crashers and Zelda with quirky graphics.

Spiral Knights Screenshots
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Spiral Knights loveable graphics don't get old quickly. You’re greeted with lush environments which are befitting for your epic, cool, yet quirky character models. The game allows for enough customization: a few helmets, a few armors, and a tiny wheel of skin colors. It's not much, but it's more than enough to leave you loving your character and being unique from others. In fact, I had trouble deciding which armor to pick and ended up cycling through them again and again for 10 minutes. The music always matches the area, the only area you'll be hearing elevator music is in the town. Now, all this isn't to say that the graphics are by any means comparable to a pay to play game, however they are very easy to look at and will be, probably forever. Because Spiral Knights takes the route of style other than realism. The art style is clean, bright, and inviting from the start.

Spiral Knights Screenshots

Spiral Knights leaves quite a bit of room for imagination as far as the lore goes. Which can be good or bad. Basically: You, the player, are stranded on a different world. This strange new world is home to the clock works: A labyrinth of monsters, machines, and new places. Your goal? Well, with your ship damaged beyond repair there's nothing left to do but waltz down into the most dangerous parts of the planet and figure out how they work.

As I said, Clockworks is a simple game with less RPG than action. It's stage based: One town, one exit, many dungeons. Good old arcade fun. Clock works is as simple as Z to attack, X to block, hold Z to charge up a super attack. There are lots of exploring and a few puzzles for you. Sometimes the puzzle will be how to defeat a monster more effectively. But sometimes you need to trap an invincible monster. Whichever applies.

Spiral Knights Screenshots
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Every character starts out with the same assortment of weapons: A sword, a gun, and a bomb, with the always useable shield in the other hand. Replacing the gun with a bow and arrow, you've got a bunch of little Links running around. You can buy more weapons at shops inside of the dungeon or in the town. Every single item has its own traits. For example: The Calibur's charged up attack hurts everyone in a circle around you while the Spur makes a small tornado in front of you, even though they're the same basic type of weapon.

But it's not all fun and games. There are a few problems I should touch on: The energy system. Every time you go down a floor in a dungeon you lose some energy. If you are at 0 you cannot keep playing. It looks like they'll eventually make you pay to keep playing due to this, but we can always hope not. There are also some collision detection problems. Occasionally I'll miss my target I clearly should've hit.

That’s really all, over all Clockworks is a fun, quickly, cool little game that was apparently just released days ago. I found myself enjoying mashing away at monsters until I ran out of energy. For a Facebook add it's quite impressive.

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