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Spiral Knights

By Fallout in the official forum

So basically there are a lot of tips for getting past monsters even with low star equipment, and not losing any health. So this thread is just for adding your tips for getting past certain monster types without losing to much health. These tips can even be for certain levels like arenas or danger rooms.
Here are some of my advices to get past certain mobs.


Basically if they are in groups, run between them with a small knock back bomb. (And construct bonus can help!) And try to make them hit each other as they deal damage to other enemies who are in the way. Another easy way is to use a sword from the cutter series, hit them once so they throw an arm at the ground, run around them while charging the rapid attack and hit them from behind. Guns are pretty easy to kill them with although it takes time.

For Ironwood class lumbers, at least, they seem to have an inside zone to their attacks. If you're standing next to them as they swing you'll not get hurt.


Kats can be incredibly hard to hit, especially with lagg. One way is to use knock backs with a troika and corner them. Or use a bomb and don't move when they charge at you so they will get hit by the blast.


at tier three they can get pretty annoying when they keep moving. I always find myself a corner so they can’t teleport behind me and use my charge attack with my vile striker to kill them. The same tactic can be used with kats, but it can get tedious.

The big trick is that Ash Wolvers like to teleport behind your facing direction, by pointing off angle when backpeddling they'll block your path much less often.


they aren't the easiest guys to kill especially when swarms corner you so you can’t move or revive. The easiest way is to basically heard them up and bomb them. But do not bomb too frequently or they will slide into you dealing damage as there attacks are not interrupted by bombs. Try to stay away from corners and deal knocks backs if you’re using a sword. The antigua series can also deal great damage if your truly stuck. But face it.... there's something incredibly satisfying about blasting jellies with explosives.


easiest with two or more people (one to lead the mob towards themselves the other to attack, strikers are great using the charge attack and will get them down quickly.

When using faster swords that don't slow you down to much while holding a charge try to bait them into rush attack. If they try to do a ram-attack combo simply sidestep and unleash your charged sword for massive damage.


these guys are always fun to verse, so I don’t like using my vile as it takes them down without them being able to attack. But crystal bombs or fiery vaporizers are great when you are running circles. The easiest way is to move far away so the Tortodrone does the shard attack, and then quickly take your move before it can drill you.


I’m gonna leave this section out, as there are so many types. But basically take down the healers first or poison the other gremlins so they can’t get healed. I don't know what to do with the demos; my tactic is kamikaze but not reliable at all.

Autoguns can work well here since all Gremlins have a tendency to pause for a moment and "think." During one of these moments give them a quick burst of bullets. An appropriately leveled autogun can dish out damage at the same rate or better the healers.


to maximize the crowns I always take down the boss first and continue doing that as others are promoted. There are many ways to defeat them as they are always in groups. Range attacks do the job well as well as bombs. Using swords gives you a higher chance of being hit, but using knockbacks is good. its always fun to use the vortex to bring them to one spot then use a bomb from the crystal series to deal a lot of damage.

Speed swords are great when facign small groups. Rush, swing and shield in quick succession to damage them and block the office supplies with a high degree of reliability.


These guys can be pretty annoying if your only wielding a gun or a bomb, and will be in your face non stop if you let them. The easiest way to deal with them is by using a medium sword (Calibur, spur, cleavers) as this will stop most of their attacks and if there are more than one it's still fairly easy. Greavers used to annoy the hell out of me as I only ever carried a bomb.... but I find going berserk with an arc razor usually does it for me.

Gun Puppies

Ranged weapons that do peircing damage tear these poor guys apart and allow you to keep you distance to dodge their bullets easily.

With large groups bombs are the best choice weapon. Failing a bomb, a patient player can circle strafe with any non-autogun ranged weapon and whittle down almost any group of enemies.




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