Soul of Guardian Guide: Pet System

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Soul of Guardian

In a game, what players cannot be short of is the Pets. In Soul of Guardian, players can have a maximum of 10.

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Now Soul of Guardian has three kinds Pets. Wee Panda, Puffy Dragon and Pouty Bunny. So what is your choice?

Soul of Guardian Pets

Pet has three features-----Skill, Enhancement, and Inheritance.

Pet enhancement:

Players can enhance their Pet by using Grade Enhancement Amulet. The higher the potential of a Pet is, the better effects of enhancement. This is the necessary path to foster real strong Pets. Players can get Potential Cards from item or markets.

Soul of Guardian Screenshot

Pet inheritance:

Players can combine any two Pets by using the Pet inheritance. The Main Pet maintains its avatar, max, class, and grade and inherit the Side Beast's Level and growth. After the inheritance, max class and grade of the two will be kept. Players can inherit to get favorite Pet's avatar, and a better quality Pet.

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