Soul of Guardian Guide: Dungeons

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This guide is about the dungeons in Soul of Guardian. If you have any problem in the dungeons, just check below. Thank sameer who posted it in official forum.


When stone it's just simple. Stone is where you could also get many EXP, you may also get different kinds of fragments and turn them into gems.

When your at Stone, you should protect the Holy Stone from mobs and bosses. If you failed to protect the Holy Stone, you'll go back to Battle Soul City. Don't worry, when you go back to Battle Soul City, you may do Stone twice. Stone is for single player only.


Hunting is a dungeon that give you EXP. Hunting is for level 30: Predatory Abyss and unlock EXP rune to obtain EXP. Also, hunting is only for single player, when your doing party with other players, they will go to another Hunting dungeon and not yours.

[Crazy Chase]

When it's Crazy Chase, well it's already obvious you'll chase Soul Beasts. Crazy Chase is also for single player player too...reach level 15 to own adorable pets whohelp you kill monsters and enhance your attributes.


Reach level 35 to enter Crystal Valley where stronger Demons hides, you'd better team up. Obtain spar here to exchange for Ultimate Equipments.


When you reach level 40 you can enter Cavern of Fear and obtain more Battle Souls as you can to upgrade you body building and skills, more battle souls you obtain, the better your body building and skills...


Flame Altar is a EXP dungeon, double EXP is obtained...Altar is kinda difficult for level 50

[Demon Den]

Centurial Demon Den is a dungeon that is like never ending dungeon...because it's rounds is should reach level 50... also you can flip cards to get prizes, also you can also quit if you want to.



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