Soul of Guardian Cheats on Making a Fortune

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Soul of Guardian

In Wondershare traveled Games Soul of Guardian, money is not everything, but it's a must and you can't live without it. So do you know how to make a fortune quickly? Here are 5 important tips you need to know:

1. Treasure Island. To earn more coins, you need to go there every day. And you can tell that it has rich coins from the description of the fall-off. Each character can enter Treasure Island 3 times a day. In a word, this instance is a must.

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2. Main quest and side quests. If you complete the main quest and side quests, you will get larger amount of money. So you will be a rich man, if you upgrade fast and complete lots of quests.

3. Sale. In fact, there are many business opportunities in Soul of Guardian, so please make full use of them. By staying online, exploring dungeons, killing the Bosses, you will obtain countless useful and high-quality equipment, gems and other items. After that, you can sell them to other players in the market. There is no doubt that it's the best shortcut to earn money. But the coins you can get depend on your game skills.

4. NPCs. You can sell the drops to NPCs. And this is a perfect for players who are keen to stay online. To prevent your backpack from getting full, you have to go to the NPCs frequently and sell equipments to them. Actually, the best way is to spend a little money to fully open the backpack. Then your continued ability to pick up items for such a role will be substantially increased.
5. Purchase. In the Shop, you can buy silver coins card. This is the patent of rich players. And it is of no doubt to be the fastest way.

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