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SongHi is a fun and engaging virtual community service aimed at the Guitar Hero Generation, where members can easily create and share their musical tweeds, musical greetings, songs and animated performances with friends as well as interact with real life artists – all this in a glamorous, social game-like environment.

In SongHi you don't have to know anything about playing instruments, composing or even notes. You can create music by ear with only a click of your mouse. SongHi's unique and patented AI algorithms recognizes key notes and scales and eliminates automatically the wrong ones - so anyone can become a star regardless of prior musical knowledge.

The path towards becoming a virtual music star begins with creating a musical avatar that projects the player's artist personality.The player has a wide selection of music related avatar items to choose from and can mix and match clothes and apparel designed to potray the visual image of different music and street genres.

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Using tutorials and musical tools in the Studio Room, anyone with or without prior musical training can start making tunes and songs. Tutorial programs teach the player how easy and fun creating own musical tunes is, from the very simple humorous clips to more complicated multi-instrument songs. With each completed song, the player receives more points and the rating and popularity on the service increases.

Players can invite their friends to the service and become fans of other virtual or real-life artists on SongHi. The players can comment and discuss the songs and, in the future, even ask friends to contribute their own tracks to a song, enabling a captivating multi-player experience of forming a virtual band. The songs can be shared across Internet social media and uploaded to a mobile phone for playback, real-time mixing and using as a ringtone.

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The basic set of instruments, avatar items and music making tools in SongHi are completely free for all players. At any stage, player can contribute to his success by refining their avatar identity, room decoration, instrument capabilities, music making tools and stage gears by purchasing music related virtual goods from SongHi Shop with micro-payments. The Shop also makes it possible for reallife artists to sell virtual campaign goods, such as t-shir ts, ar tist-branded instruments, video and sound clips and musical and street apparel.

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