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SongHi is a fun and engaging virtual community service aimed at the Guitar Hero Generation, where members can easily create and share their musical tweeds, musical greetings, songs and animated performances with friends as well as interact with real life artists – all this in a glamorous, social game-like environment. Here is a guide about how to make music in SongHi. Check below.

How to make music

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1)Start by selecting an instrument, this is your instrument inventory.

2) press 'Add selected' to add the instrument to the room.

The instrument you selected is added to the room and you can move it around in the room.
At registration, you are granted 4 free instruments! You can get more cool instruments from the SongHi Shop. How do you think the Ice Horn, Kazoo or Cyber Bass will sound like?

3)click 'PLAY' button.


4)Click the grid to add sounds.

You can put boxes on top of each other to make chords!

5) Add more instruments to your song from your instrument inventory.

6) Change what instrument you want to play by clicking on them.


7)When your song is ready, click the red 'SAVE' button to save your song.

8)Enter your songs name and choose if you want to save it public or private, then hit 'Save'!


Public songs are found in the SongHi Charts and can be listened by everyone.

Private song is only seen by you, no one else. You can change your private songs to public in your Home.

9) Success! Copy the songs address to send to your friends! Press continue to move on.

You can share your song from the song sharing page in your Home and in the Charts.


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