SnowHeroes: Join the Action-Packed Snowball Fight

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KeyWord: SnowHeroes, shooter, ski, 2D, fantasy, realtime, penguin
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SnowHeroes is a browser based shooter game comes from Bigpoint. Snow Heroes transported you into the ice and waiting with Action-packed snowball fights and other challenges to the player. Throw yourself into the ice and fight in real time in this multiplayer shooter against numerous real opponents. Experiments, therefore, the true name, a true Hero to be snow.

Whether rabbits, penguins or snowmen you and everyone else is doing on a search and hunt for the Yeti and try to defeat them. Through many different attacks in Snow Hereoes you win against opponents and can collect useful hero points. You can freeze your enemies, or give them a slip of experience, what you need to simply freeze the track. Even an avalanche can be triggered, which your opponents will pose a big problem.

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On skis or turbo sled you drive through the world of Snow Hereoes. However, you should always be on guard, because your opponents are waiting with nasty attacks on you. Devious rabbits, snowmen and penguins you can make life difficult and fight you with common tricks. Many different ammunition and armor but make sure that you also have a chance at SnowHereos. With the success of missions, you can then rise up in another level and always come over to your goal "the victory over the Yeti up".

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Gun bound is a slowdown it has in itself. With many thousands of real opponents, you go on the hunt for the Yeti and try it, not super cool you. The challenges and the fun factor to the free online game never get boring.

The game is currently only in German. But with the help of great Google Translate, the game is still playable.

SnowHeroes Screenshot
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SnowHeroes Screenshot
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