Skyripper Guide for Obtaining Unbound Coins

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Money is not everything, but without money, everything is nothing. How to earn more coins in Skyripper?

You should know that there are bound coins and unbound coins. 1 Gold Coin=100 Silver Coins, 1 Silver Coin=100 Copper Coins.

Obtain Bound Coins:

Ancient Ice Escort:

You can do this quest up to 3 times per day. Each time you will obtain 50 bound silver coins. You can obtain more exp through refreshing quest color, but the coin reward is fixed.


The Alchemist's Cave (Normal Mode):

In this instance, you will have a chance to obtain a lot of coins by attacking the box and defeating the Boss.


VIP Rewards:

VIP players can receive bound coins every Saturday. Diamond VIP=5 Gold Coins, Gold VIP=3 Gold Coins, Bronze VIP =1 Gold Coin.


Obtain Unbound Coins:

The Alchemist's Cave (Heroic Difficulty):

This is a difficult instance. If you are not strong enough, you'd better not challenge it.




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