Skyripper Level Up Guide: Quest

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Once you've joined Skyripper and created your own character, you will receive your first quest. If you just follow the main quest line, you will get to L30 quite easily.

But when you reach L30, there will be quests that will distinguish you from the other players, if you seek power.

First, the Loop Quests: Mundane Training, Guild Quests and Slay Them All.

Also your experience reward will increase as your level goes up.


Mundane Training

Accessible Level: L30

Chances per Day: 10 times per day for low level players; 20 times a day for high level players.


Secret 1: The 5 Mundane Training Quests will give you double exp. So remember to finish the first 5.

Secret 2: Some quests can't be completed right away, instead you will have to wait for a couple of minutes before submitting it to a NPC. Read the instructions carefully.

Guild Quests

Accessibility: L33 and above players that have joined a Guild.

Chance per day: 5 rounds per day. 5 sub-quests in each round.


Secret 1:

Each round has 5 sub-quests. Finish the quests in certain sequences to gain extra rewards.

Secret 2:

If you don't have a lot of time, use the Speed Up Function to make it faster. But to speed up, each quest will cost you 2 Ingots. After you have claimed a quest, click the "Guild Quests" icon on the top right corner, enter the interface, choose a quest and click "Speed Up" to claim the rewards right away.




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