Skyripper Guide: How to Increase Battle Level and Prowess

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No matter in which game, increasing your level is always an important thing, so does Skyripper. So, how to increase your battle Level and prowess in this game? Just check this guide below:

Battle Level Title: Players are given different colors of Titles according to their different Battle Levels.

Combat: In combat, players with high Battle Levels will have a definite advantage over players with lower Battle Levels.

If your Battle Level is much higher than your opponent, the damage you suffered in combat will be very limited.

If your Battle Level is 30 levels higher than a monster, then it wouldn't cause you any harm in combat, however it tries.


Increase Battle Level: Increase your Prowess and your Battle Level will go up accordingly.

Upgrading your gear can boost your Prowess.


Tempering your gear will also boost your Prowess. Also a gear's Level of Tempering can be transferred at a very low cost. You can transfer a gear's full Level of Tempering to a senior gear with only 25 Ingots. The Tempering's ROI is very high, especially in the beginning.


Gem Socketing can add to your stats, and will thus increase your Prowess by a small amount.




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