Simyard Review: Fantasy Baseball Players Rejoice

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SimYard is a fantasy baseball management simulation webgame. The players on your team do not represent real players in the major leagues. All of your players are fictitious, and they are yours to play, dismiss, and train, as you see fit.

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Fantasy Baseball Players Rejoice!

By Jason Knuth on


Simyard allows you to easily create a team name, location and logo. The program will then randomly generate 25 players to fill out your roster. You can set your pitching rotations, lineups and batting order. Every player is given a name, very specific attributes and is essentially unique to the tens of thousands of players in the Simyard universe.


The deluxe permit allows you to have not only your Major and AAA teams, but gives you a AA, A and rookie team as well, each with their own stadiums. This gives you the true feel of running an entire sports organization, complete with rookie drafting and building your players through the minor league system.



Site Presentation: 6.5 - The look of the site is nothing spectacular and during games you won't get any special effects. What the website does give you is everything you need to get by. Essentially, you get the bare minimums.

Ease Of Use - 8.0 - Everything is there to use, but there can be a lot of questions as to how certain aspects work. There is a long forum section but getting answers and finding specific topics can take time. Thankfully there is a constant live chat complete with moderators that are usually quite helpful.

Cost Effectiveness - 9.0 - The longer your permit lasts, the less you pay per month. I spend so much time on Simyard that the cost is a drop in the bucket for me. Some might not want to spend this kind of money, but for less than the cost of a 2 hour movie, I've put in many more hours on this website.

Lasting Appeal - 8.5 - Not a lot changes in the Simyard world, but every single month starts a brand new season with your improved players. Leagues change and you work season by season to fantasy baseball simulator. The best way to enjoy it is a full permit, but I spend more time on this site than any other right now. It's highly addictive and it has a good community of players.

OVERALL (not an average) 8.8




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