Simcountry Guide: Building for Beginners

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Simcountry is a realistic simulation game of an entire world with countries, presidents, companies, CEO's, federations, strategic and economic alliances, war and peace. If you play well you can win Cash Awards. You can register as president of a country or as CEO of an enterprise. Here is a guide about Simcountry's building for beginner. Check below.


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Building your country
Build roads, train tracks, and schools! Improve your social security and water maintenance! Build hospitals!

You can build roads, train tracks, and water treatment installations by clicking on "Transportation Index" at the bottom of your country's home page. This takes you to the Transportation and Water Treatment page. Search for "build new roads," "build new train tracks," and "build new water treatment facilities." Expand your infrastructure aggressively.

All these functions are also directly accessible from the menu at the top of each page. If you use these menus, you will be able to get to any of the game pages with a single click.

Education is key to your long-term successful economic growth. You can build more schools by clicking on "Education Index" at the bottom of your country's home page. This takes you to the Education Details page. Search for "build a new elementary school," "build a new high school," and "build a new university."

You can tell your schools and universities how to educate people. Click on "set education priorities" in the Education Details page. Make sure that the numbers add up to at least 120. The ratio between the numbers determines the ratio of professions that the schools "produce." You should give teachers, university teachers, and medium level managers a relatively high priority in the beginning. It will allow you to improve your education system. Medium level managers are frequently in short supply because they also function as officers in the army.

Adapt the education priorities to the needs of your country. Check out the Occupation and Income Details by clicking on "Employment Index" at the bottom of your country's home page to see the potential shortages in certain professions. Anticipation is key here.

You should raise social security payments. Click on "Social Security" at the bottom of your country's home page. Then click on "You can change the social security payments." You cannot raise social security by more than 2 percent. You can set a target and the changes will be automated or change the percentages every day until you reach 60 to 80 percent.

Do this only if your country can afford paying the cost. If your financial index is lower than 80, wait for the financial situation to improve before you get into extra cost.

Look into the financial pages and make sure you understand the figures. Use the hints that are available on nearly every line of text to understand the numbers and make sure you know what the monthly shortages or surpluses are.

Playing Simcountry and participating in the war game
If you choose to play the game including the war options, you must build an army to defend your country. New players are fully protected against wars by their secured mode setting. The protection prevents others from attacking the country and gives the new president some time to build his defense. Secured mode will remain in force until you decide to turn it off.

While in secured mode, you are able to build an army and even declare war and fight countries that do not have a president. These are computer controlled countries. The first war may be very easy to win and you can end up with an empire of two countries.

Your leader country will remain in secured mode. The conquered country is protected from war for two weeks. By then it should be able to defend itself. It can obtain weapons from the market or from the leader country to build up quickly.

Secured mode is always in one country only. More countries can be protected temporarily by the use of temporary war protection. See the war page for more details.

Most players do play the war game and there are some who have built huge armies and try to control large areas of the worlds.

Building your army
You can buy weapons to defend your country and to attack (or deter) others. There are 3 kinds of weapons: defensive, offensive, and strategic. The Defense Index is a combination of all three. You can manage each type of weaponry by clicking on the appropriate Index link at the bottom of your country's home page. Search for the "purchase more weapons and ammunition page" to buy weapons. All these functions are also available in the top menu showing on every page.

Investing too much money in weapons is harmful in two ways. First, you might not have enough funds left for schools, social security, etc. Second, your army needs soldiers and officers.

Officers are taken from the group of medium level managers. Many of these managers are employed in your corporations and if the numbers in the country are insufficient for both the industry and the army, medium level managers will leave the corporations where they work and join the army. This may damage economic growth to the point where your economy will decline rapidly.

Building The Defenses in a new country
The defense index of a new registered country is around 15 to 20. It includes missile defenses, fortifications and a reasonable air force. There are also some land forces but they include only light tanks. These items are a good start for a defense but the numbers are insufficient.

To prevent a successful attack against your country, the defense should be able to frustrate the attacker. It should either prevent high damage to your own country, making the war very costly for the attacker, or make the war so difficult and long, your enemy may decide to abandon the fight.


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