Silent Murder: Swords Don’ t Kill People - Ninjas Do!

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Silent Murder

Silent Murder is a text-based multiplayer online game. Your goal is to make money, build up your attributes, and gain levels so that you might one day be the most deadly ninja around.

Silent Murder
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Search for bounties give you’re the chance to discover money, weapons, armor or items. Players should take a job that will increase the strength, defense, speed, money and work experience ever day. Basically, working a couple days at one job will give you enough work experience to get the second job.

School is a place for learning. Each class you take will increase your attributes. It is best to join a clan that can pool and distribute the resources. If you want to store your personal money, you should buy a Ninja Stash. The Stash pays interest (2%, or 4%, depending on if you bought one of the packages). DO NOT carry too much money around with you; it makes you an easy target.


Stables: For a fee a horse will take you to another city. In order to travel to some cities you have to have achieved the appropriate level.

Items in Game

  • Weapons Weapons add a bonus to your strength. The bonus value depends on the weapon.
  • Armor Armor adds a bonus to your defense. The bonus value depends on the armor.
  • Consumables Consumables are one-time use items that have some effect on your ninja. The table below shows all the consumables. Note that drug effects last for a limited amount of time.

Silent Murder
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Gamble Tavern

  • Lucky Dip: One chance per day to win some money. It costs $1,000. This game usually pays out very well so be sure to do it every day.
  • Slot Machine: Spin the slots and win some money. Two out of three numbers nets five times your bet and three out of three numbers nets you ten times your bet. Maximum allowable bet is based on your level. It is limited to 250 spins per day. It usually pays out well so bet your maximum amount.
  • Higher/Lower: A game where you bet whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current card (note that Aces are low, not high). It costs $1,000 to play a hand and you get $500 when you win. So, it takes two wins per hand to break even. It's hard to lose money on this game, but you don't make much either. You can play an unlimited number of times.
  • 50/50 Chance: Two ninjas put up an equal amount of money. Winner takes all (-10% for the house). You can either match an already-existing bet or start your own.


  • Dojo: The Dojo is where ninjas go to train and raise their attributes. You can train for as many energy points as you have left. You can train on only one attribute, or you can train multiple attributes. The increase in attribute that you get is dependent on the amount of energy you use and what level your awake is at.
  • Pillage: Pillaging gives you XP and money at the risk of getting yourself thrown in the dungeon. Successful pillaging is also dependant on your speed.
  • Dungeon: You get sent to dungeon if you commit a crime and are caught by the law enforcement. The amount of time you spend in the dungeon is dependent upon the pillages that you committed.
  • Injury Ward: The injury ward is where you go when you are killed. There is a 20 minute stay if you are killed. While in the injury ward you cannot train at the dojo, pillage, or attack other ninjas. You can, however, do everything else.

Silent Murder
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