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Siegelord is a free to play MMO SLG game from 37Games. It is a city-building, strategy management type game set in a fictional medieval setting. The main goal in the game is to raise a powerful army and bring glory to your faction. The game relies upon economic development of your city, strategic planning in both building and battling, and social interaction amongst friendly units.


You are invited to choose one of 3 factions: Empire of Gorm, Nords Alliance and Kingdom of Albion, and will have to lead your army to victory in this world overwhelmed by a ruthless war between those 3. However, achieving this task might require patience and hard labor. You will need to develop your army by recruiting legendary heroes after defeating them in the scenario mode. Upgrade your realm by researching new technologies and increasing your resources production. On the other hand, the faction war progresses simultaneously in a massive persistent world map. You can choose to battle alongside your friends to conquer the enemy’s domain and experience the best aspect of this browser game by expanding your faction’s territory.


Siegelord offers a progressive combat system in which you can choose and order a maximum of 5 Generals with their troops before the battle starts. Also, real-time tactical combat is used for the battles. Although the battles boil down to a traditional “rock paper scissors”-like system, choosing the right tactics on time will greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

Players can test their bravery by taking part in the PVP battles and try to become the ultimate hero of their faction by challenging the reigning champion, the king.
So forge alliances with the best players, craft weapons with extraordinary abilities, and try to unify the realm under your own banner in Siegelord.




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