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JOYHUBS brings us Siege on Stars a sci-fi RPG which puts the player in the middle of an intergalactic war, with each side fighting for their own goals and which side you choose to pick is up to you.

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Character creation isn't in depth in the least, but for a game like this, that doesn't really matter. Pretty much all you do is picking your name and face. Since what represents you is ship that flies around, the decision is pretty much on the avatar you will see and people will see when they see you.

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Combat is fairly straightforward and a little on the easy side, once you jump in you control with you mouse where your ship goes; you also click on the enemy you want to focus on. After that your ship will start firing every weapon you have enabled in order to take out the threat in front of it. For the enabling part, weapons by default are enabled, but you can disable certain types of weapons from firing. What makes things easier is that even when you go to fight ships, you usually have backup, plus your own team fighting alongside you, the map you fight on is rather small, so the battles only last less than a half of a minute; if you want to progress fairly quickly, it isn't too bad, but it doesn't really give you much time to enjoy the combat, since the threat is usually dead fairly quick.

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I feel like the quests in the game are a bit lacking. They're there and you can do them and progress at a decent pace if you follow it, but sometimes they tend to feel a bit stagnant and like there is not enough to really keep you busy. Sometimes it feels more like you're on a straight and narrow path than one of exploration and discovery, which a game in open space should feel like. Quests are pretty much given to you from the same sources, instead of giving you the ability to pick up some random quests that may mean nothing, but give you a bit of a distraction form the main quest line.

There is a bit of depth to the gameplay, which adds a bit of strategy elements to the game as well. As you progress in the game, you are able to unlock various skills. How you decide to invest the points helps determine how you want your character to progress, which sounds average in that context, but it really matters as it determines what you focus on in terms of types of ships, weapons, defensive items, ect. This in turn gives you a fair bit of customization with your ship(s) as well, as you get to pick the offensive, defensive, and supportive items on the ship and customize them as you would your characters gear.

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The UI in the game could use some work as well. One thing I quickly noticed is that you cannot control the sound in the game, particularly in turning it off. It is pretty much always there, blasting the sound, unless you turn off the sounds to your browser. This can be rather annoying, if you like to do other things while playing, and the ability to turn off the sound is a fairly common feature.

Besides the minor complaint I have with the sound and easy combat, the game is fairly fun. It allows you to explore while giving you the option to save yourself from being lost. In a game with so much exploration, the auto navigation feature is a blessing, and the depth of gameplay is a bit refreshing, though it could still use some polishing, which is sure to come as they develop it more.

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