Siege on Stars Guide: Equipment System

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There're two types of equipments in Siege on Stars,: Warship and Warship Devices. There're 50 types of warships and hundreds of warship devices in game for your choice.

Warships:The ships level from Frigate to Dreadnought. There're four types of warships which are: scout, guardian, assault and logistics ships.

Scout Ship:Fast and agile warships, but its armor is weak.

Guardian Ship:Guardian Ship has high armor and resistance. It moves slower than other ships.

Siege on Stars Guardian Ships

Assault Ship:Very high attack power. Assault Ship has more attack device slots. But its defense is weak.

Logistics Ship:Logistics Ship has more slots for auxiliary devices than other ships.

Warship Attributes:

Shield:When a warship is attacked, the shield shall decrease first.

Armor:When the armor of warship becomes 0, player will lose the battle.

Radiation Resistance:Defense against laser gun

Electromagnetic Resistance:Defense against Electromagnetic weapons

Explosive Resistance:Defense against missiles

Movement Speed:The movement speed of your warship

Recharge Speed:When you use weapons in battle, it'll consume your battery. Your battery upper limit is 100. The battery will recharge in every 5 seconds.

Warship equipments:
Attack Devices:

Laser gun

Siege on Stars Laser Gun

Electromagnetic weapon

Siege on Stars Electromagnetic weapon

String Launcher

Siege on Stars String Launcher

Defense Devices:
Defense Devices increase your shield, armor and resistance. Armor modified to improve the survival capability of warships on the battlefield. It is used to improve overall armor strength.

Siege on Stars Defense Devices

When you upgrade armor, the upper limit and resistance of your armor will increase.

Siege on Stars

Auxiliary Device:
The Fire control array developed to optimize the firepower of warships. Equipment it would effectively improve the weapon output of warships.

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Siege on Stars Auxiliary Device



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