Shikihime Garden Training Guide

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In [Training] section, you can challenge other players. Training will give you Gold. And with these Gold, Foreign Summon can be performed.

Shikihime Garden

Although training does not cost Action Point, you can have training battles max 5 times per day.
Moreover, after joining a guild, you cannot challenge your guild members.

※Available only for players at level 5 or higher.

Arrange Training Deck

Shikihime Garden

To arrange Training Deck, click [Deck] button on the left menu.

Shikihime Garden

Click [Training Deck] button to open the Training window.

Then select Shikihime for training.

Please note that Shikihime or monsters in the Battle Deck and Shikihime going on a travel cannot be put in the Training Deck.

Training Deck can include 5 Shikihime at most.

Challenge other players

Shikihime Garden

If you want to challenge other players, click [Training] at the bottom menu.

Shikihime Garden

Choose an opponent from the list then click Challenge to have a duel.

At [Battle Log] tab, you can check who you have challenged and your number of Win and Lose in order to choose more suitable opponents.

Opponents in the list are picked based on the system's calculation of suitability to your rank.

Victory and Reward

Each training battle is subject to a limit of 5 turns. After that, the result will be determined based on remaining HP of both players.

You will receive Gold no matter you win or lose. But winning will give more Gold.
Besides, after you arrange your Training Deck, other players may challenge you and you will also gain Gold.

Try to collect more Gold for Foreign Summon to acquire stronger Shikihime.

No matter you win or lose, HP of all engaged Shikihime will be restored after the battle.



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