Shikihime Garden Quest Guide

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At [Quest] section, you can accept and complete quests.
By completing quests, you will get rewards such as cards, items or level up.
In addition, the amount of available battlefields will be extended.

Shikihime Garden

To know a quest's conditions, click [Details] button.

If you meet all requirements, click [Complete] to get your rewards.

Basically, you can complete a quest once. However, some quests are repeatable.

Quests are divided into different types which are put in correlative tabs.

[All] tab displays all available quests.

By completing quests in [Subjugation], the number of battlefields will increase.
You can also receive some cards or items.

By completing quests in [Devote], you will receive some cards or items.
Leaving these quests uncompleted does not affect your game story's progress.

Quests in [Trade] can be completed by exchanging certain items.
You will get different items depending on your exchanged items.



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