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You can make friend with other players by joining a guild.
Then you can use the Guild chat tab which is only available for guild members.
Besides, you and your guild members can cooperate to fight against special monsters from the Underworld.

There are certain limits imposed for fighting those monsters but you can obtain rare items which are not found in normal battles.

Monsters from the Underworld can be summoned by devoting special items, or sometimes they can appear in some battles.

But if you don't join any guild, you will not be able to confront them.

Please note that for 24 hours after leaving a guild, you cannot create or request to join a new guild. So think twice before deciding to part from your guild.

Join a guild

Shikihime Garden

If you want to join an available guild, you can select one in the guild list then click [Apply].

After your request is approved, your guild information will be displayed in replacement of the guild list.

Establish a guild

In case you want to establish your own guild, click [Establish] then enter your guild name and recruitment message.

Monsters from the Underworld

Shikihime Garden

When joining a guild, sometimes monsters from the Underworld may confront you in some battles. Types of those monsters will vary depending on each battlefield.

In that case, even though you have substitute cards in your deck, if Shikihime on the front are defeated, the battle will be over.

If your guild member is fighting against a monster from the Underworld, it is likely that you still confront it at the same time providing that it is not defeated.

In addition, if it is defeated or flees, it will come back after a certain amount of time.

Monsters from the Underworld

Shikihime Garden

When you are in a guild, by devoting special items, you may summon a monster from the Underworld.

Devoting items is performed at [Devote Place] tab of Guild section.

Only one Underworld monster can be summoned at a time.

Besides, if you are defeated or flee, it will take you a certain amount of time to devote items again.

Cooperate with guild members (Support Battle)

Shikihime Garden

To fight against summoned monsters from the Underworld, select [Support Battle] tab of Guild section.

You will get some rewards by attacking the monster. However, it will disappear after a certain amount of time.

Therefore, to obtain rare items, you must cooperate with your guild members effectively during the time limit.

Defeating a monster from the Underworld will give you 1 [Basic Pattern] for a day.

Guild Level

Defeating monsters from the Underworld will raise exp of your guild.
More exp means higher guild level that let you summon more types of monsters.
Their chance of appearing will be also higher and better rewards will be given.



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