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Shifu is a free to play MMORPG immersing players into the world of ancient China. Players will venture across the land in search of hidden, powerful Kung Fu techniques to add to their répertoire of deadly moves. Players are able to find and customize their gear, train pets, and earn epic mounts on their way to the top of the Kung Fu world.

Shifu features impressive hand-drawn artwork that instantly takes the player back to the time of the Song Dynasty. The game invites players to navigate their way through cherry blossoms, bamboo forests, and treacherous blood-soaked battlefields of ancient Asia.

After asisting the Kung Fu masters in expelling the Mongols, players will have an opportunity to recruit their own disciples and start their exclusive Kung Fu sect. Shifu also features guilds -- which can join the “Fight for Hegemony” of the sacred Mount Hua.

Adding to the content in this game is the reincarnation system.  After players reach level 70 they can reincarnate themselves to gain further strength, gear, and abilities.  Other enjoyable PvP elements include escorting and raiding carts. Gamers who escort carts of gold successfully can reap exponential rewards.  If the cart is successfully raided, however, everything is lost. In Shifu it is also possible to attack players virtually anywhere, anytime -- assuring that there is plenty of revenge to dish out!



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