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Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon, a browser-based massive multiplayer online role playing game where you defend your honor in combat with players from around the world. Sherwood features an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters. Play Now!

Here is a small guide to help you level up faster in Sherwood Dungeon. Check below.

Leveling Up Guide

By IronFlame in Sherwood Dungeon Wiki

A lot of people don't stay on Sherwood Dungeon long because they cannot level up fast enough. Here is a small guide to help you level up faster.

1. If you are level 1 just start out by killing general Monsters and enemies in the Sherwood Castle area.

2. When you are at level 2, go to The Dungeon, search the Barrels and Chests for Health Potions, coins and weapons, than when you have a full inventory, go back to Sherwood castle and sell all your Items to the Merchant (who is located above the dungeon entrance on the 2nd floor of the castle. Repeat this step until you have enough gold to buy a few starter shields and weapons.

3. Then, go the Dungeon lvl 3 by typing in : /level 3 (enter) and kill monsters until you are level 4. Repeat killing monsters in the dungeon levels that are 1 above your own until you are level 15. (Remember to keep updating your weapons and keep the health potion inventory up). ALTERNATIVE TO PART 3: Pets and Mounts aren't such a bad idea when leveling up. If you buy a unicorn or horse for $5, you can travel around the dungeon faster, and I would recommend buying the Dragon as well, he does most of the work when killing the higher level enemies, and you get all the XP ;D. UPDATE: Allies have been added to Your pets and mounts invintory. If your going to buy an ally, I recommend buying the Dark Knight Henchman. He is VERY usefull when killing mosters. This will make the leveling up process go 2.5x faster.

4. When you are at level 15, go to dungeon level 17 and kill the monsters until you are level 20 (having a lot of health potions is recommended for players without a pet to help you out, make sure you do not use them to fast, try your best to make them last).

5. When you make it to level 20, this is when you get access to the real kick @$$ weapons!!! That purple back with a big "R" on it that is next to your inventory bag, that's your Runes and Scrolls pouch. When you were searching in the chests and crates earlier, you may have found weird runes with letters and symbols, and you may have also come across weapon scrolls. When you make it to level 20 you get to find scrolls that contain a spell used with the scrolls to unlock the new weapons. You open the scrolls when found, it will tell you that you need to find matching runes for the scroll, find the runes and match them with the scroll then it will give you a last option to cast the spell, then your new weapon will be in your inventory. Finding the scrolls and runes by yourself would be hard, luckily someone has taken the time to create a guide to these steps: Scrolls: Click here Runes: Click here

6. Now that you have the more powerful weapons, teleport to Frost Bite in Sherwood full of more powerful creatures by entering /teleport 3. Now kill the general monsters in the area, try to avoid the huge dragons, they will pwn you. When you reach lvl 25 it is now time to start killing the dragons, be careful though, these dragons often are around other monsters so if you get into a fight with the dragon, and other monsters start attacking you at the same time, you will get pwned, especially if you don't have a pet to help you kill. Kill these things until you make it to level 30.

7. Congratz, you have made it to level 30. Now you need to go to The Lost Lagoon, there are bigger dragons there, you get more XP also, mostly Seas Dragons and take more health damage than normal. Kill these until you make it to level 35.

8. Now its back to the dungeon, kill monsters in dungeon level 37 until you are level 40.

9. Alright it gets a little harder, kill monsters in dungeon level 45. (This is only recommended for people with a dragon or have a lot of potions). Remember to block often, don't let your health get too low.

10. When you make it to level 49, kill the bosses in level 51 to help the leveling up process go faster.

That's it. Now you are level 50 and can kill monsters more easily, you should be more experienced in fighting and your next step, is to start working on your Pvp skills. Killing monsters is only 1/3 of the game. I also highly recommend joining a clan/guild. You will get more training and will get into raids and battles, which will make Sherwood more fun. If you wish to continue your quest to become a great warrior with a respectable XP level, keep exploring the dungeons and remember to keep updating your special weapons, gold and health potions. Happy Hunting, LONG LIVE SHERWOOD!!!


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