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By Syss in the official forum

Hi guys. This is my first post, and I'll be doing a guide on how to use your Sanctuary. It might change completely on OB, but if it doesn't at least we'll have an edge over it. I have spent almost all my freediamonds (200 or so I think) on it so I could test this system. Most unclear aspect of the Sanctuary is by far Baptism, so I'll be focusing on explaining it. Ok, let's start our guide.

1 - Baptism: One of the most confusing parts of the game, most people have no clue how to use it. What it does is randomize your stats to either increase or decrease them. (except command, which is left untouched) You can accept the changes made or discard the baptism and try another, of course still paying even if you discard it. So that's a good thing, because most baptism results you probably will want to discard. But is it really random? No, not completely. From my findings, the higher one of your stats is, the much more likely it won't get increased and will decrease instead.

My character for instance is a tribal shaman, hence she starts with 50 strength, 42 agility and 60 intelligence. So at first I'd often get her strength increased but not intelligence. Then after a few I finally got one, and increased  my int by 4, decreased my agi by 2 points and I believe str stayed the same. A bunch more baptism trials later, at around 15~20 baptisms total, I finally got another increase, this time increased to 70, agility increased by 3 points, and strength decreased to 46. (which she barely uses, since strength has a miniscule effect on magic users)

So by now her stats went from 50str/42agi/60int to 46str/43agi/70int. I was happy with the results I had gotten so far, 70 is a high number for a stat, since they don't increase with levels and your only growth is unit amount ("soldiers" on army window), army level (the "quality" of your hero's troops) and ability to use better equips. But I figured there wasn't anything else as interesting to use my diamonds on, and since this is CB we're supposed to test things. So I kept on doing baptisms. By now my intelligence results were usually horrible, giving me as much as -15 or less at times. Around 60 baptisms later, nothing. Not one positive result on intelligence. Was I unlucky you ask? Yes and no. There might still be a small chance to increase it, but after reaching 70 it seems to become really low, so I don't think it's worth spending 120 diamonds just for that slight chance. Like I said, the system might change but as it is now I wouldn't recommend trying to reach too high stats through baptism, 70 seems like a decent amount for it. In fact, you might not even need it much if you master the art of purifying. Which bring us to our next topic.

2 - Purify: At one of the forum threads I read someone say that purify was worse if done before baptism. That's close, but not exactly the case. Allow me to elaborate that idea. The results you get from any purify don't depend on your hero's stats. So baptism doesn't affect purify. But purify does affect baptism, a lot. And negatively. It's quite simple if you think about it, purify increases your stats, right? Remember that the higher your stat the lower your chances for a nice baptism result? Exactly, so each time you do a purify, you sink your baptism chances lower and lower. So that is why you should always do Baptisms and then Purify in that order.

Now, how exactly does purify increase my hero's stats? Well, it's quite simple. If you press the help("?") icon on your sanctuary window, it will explain that you get one more purify on each hero and 1 stat point per 5 Sanctuary levels. So what does all that mean after all? Well that help phrase is dubious at best, at first it led me to believe that you'd get more points on a single purify if you had a higher level sanctuary. So with that logic in mind I thought you'd get +1 stat per purify at lvl 1, +2 on a lvl 5 sanctuary and +20 (!) at a lvl 100 sanctuary. Per purify that would mean 20 x 30 (30 purifies available at lvl 100) = 600 stats! That's insane, right? Right. Cuz that phrase was poorly written. It doesn't increase +1 each 5 levels, all it does is increase the amount of purifies possible. so at lvl 100 it's still +1 stat each time, but now you have 30 purifies instead of 10 like you had at lvl 1. I tested it once at a low lvl sanctuary (lower than 5) and got +1 stat. Then tested it 3 times at lvl 15 sanctuary and still got +1. It's random, so it could be any stat. In fact it offers you the option to discard it and try again for another stat, should you desire to do so.

3 - Pray: At first, pray is quite simple, you pay 10 BA (battle achievements) and get 1 popularity, which is that thing that gives you a gold collection bonus and drains 1 per collection made. You can only pray each hour, so at lvl 1 it takes 10 hours+ of praying to keep your popularity from decreasing. However, everything changes when you update the Sanctuary.

4 - Upgrading: It affect a number of things, nothing near as complicated as baptism tho ;D Baptism is actually not affected at all, your Purify max on each hero increases 1 per 5 levels of Sanctuary. More scenarios are unlocked, those missions the Elder gives you. (currently capped at lvl 20 sanctuary AFAIK) But the thing that changes the most is Pray. Pray actually becomes much more expensive, +10 BAs per level. So if at lvl 1 we had a 10 BAs cost for a pray, at lvl 20 you pay 200 BAs. But do you get 20 popularity? No, in fact you get way less popularity. (I actually just gave up on popularity and focused on my technologies) At lvl 20 it seems to be a random small amount, something between 1 and 5 popularity, maybe 1 to 10, unsure, as I stopped doing them and rarely pray anymore. *starts singing REM's "Losing My Religion"* LOL Anyway. That's about it.

Thx for reading and do share your thoughts, specially if you tried a substantial amount of baptisms, I'd be really interested to know other people's results. Have a nice day everyone, hope you enjoyed the guide so far!




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