Impressions: 20 Hours with Shadowland Online

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Shadowland Online

By Sara Lau from

I have to say, the background soundtrack is awesome! From the right beginning when you choose the character to the uncovering of its interface, the soundtrack is just like movie's OST, the powerful and grandeur symphony with chorus can really take you to the ancient mysterious western world. It's the best background music I've ever heard in all the online games I've played. When you close your eyes, you will think you're listening to the OST of 'Prince of Persia'. The producers must have spent a lot of efforts to the composition of soundtracks. So, my first impression of 'Shadowland Online' is fabulous!

Shadowland Online Screenshot

While coming to the interface, you'll find it just like a dynamic painting with little people walking in it, and it somehow feels like 'Visual Village'. You can train dragons, buy and upgrade your weapons, hum…a little fantasy type, right? But after being surprised by the soundtrack, I feel at lost. I try to click the task, hoping it will give me some directions of how to complete the task, but it doesn't.

Shadowland Online Screenshot

And now, I have to find places myself, with no direction but luck and experience gained through Warflow, and Immortal King. So I can only find the dragon training ground, I'd decided to complete this task of 'training a dragon', which takes about 30 min. So I go to the outside town to see if I can find the 'Blacksmith'. Well, I find a gold mine! But I'm only allowed to dig once in an hour. There is also a farm out there, where you can actually grow some weeds! Wow, that's interesting and rare in a strategic online game like this.

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