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Assuming you're in the game you become ruler of the planet in the galaxy. You need to colonize new planets, build a fleet, and planetary defense to protect against enemy.


Bookmark inform the production of the current production of minerals on the planet. Each planet has its main mining, it is diverse. You have so systematically, with the development of the mine, to develop power plants. If you buy your "Imperator", you get a statement that production can reach your mines for 1h, 6h, 24h and one week. At a later stage of development is a very useful option, since it allows you to develop strategies for the development of your civilization. In the upper left corner you can see how you have a system of civilization. Each system has its own special characteristics, determining the time of construction of buildings, units, minerals extraction and many others.

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At the beginning you will have access to the underlying buildings like a mine. Check out the tab technologies to learn what structures you can grow. To find out what is the design, click on the name of the image of the building. Under the name of the building are the minerals is a list of materials that are required to build a level. If the material is green, it means that you have enough of that mineral, red, or vice versa. To start the construction, all materials must be marked in green, then click the build button, and the building will appear in the list of production. You can build up to 50 levels of the mine, 20 yards, and laboratory and other structures. If you lack the minerals or you want to reduce up, you destroy the level of the building. Skip to preview a specific design. Under the description of the building and an icon will appear on "destroy" the information and materials provided, and what you get back after the destruction of the building.

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This tab provides information on all structures / technologies / units in the game. If the requirement is red, it means that it is not yet satisfied the. By clicking on the name of the construction can read more about it. If you have a low level of the laboratory, the design may be marked "???".


Any investment in information technology allows the construction of new buildings, ships, defense. Investing in technology, offensive / defensive fighting you increase the value of its fleet and defense. Information about which technology enhances the value question, you'll find looking at unit selected. If you invest in engine type, your ships will fly faster in the galaxy. If you wish to colonize a new planet, invest in technology administration. Each level of this technology allows you to colonize a new planet.

SGUni Screenshots
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SGUni Screenshots
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