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In Serenia Fantasy, basically this is one of most important stats of your character. usually these are passive skills.

This will determine, the rate of speed, damage, defense , HP regen and many more. (with a proper Talents, it will boost your Character into a Killing Machine or a Powerful Tank.)

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Talents have 3 branches, and once reach a certain level on a Talent , there is a Bonus Stats thats add up on your character too.

How to get Talent Exp?

It can be gain by doing these:

Talent Quest

Talent Quest - is like the basic Talent Exp Sources. you can only do 5 Talent Quest a day.

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(you can use a certain amount of Talent Gem to Double the Exp Gain)

Small/Big Talent Chests

Serenia Fantasy Screenshot

Big Talent Chests can only be consume using Little Hammer. (Little Hammer can be bought at Market)


Serenia Fantasy Screenshot

Lava Core

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