Serenia Fantasy Spirit Pet Guide

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Obtaining Spirit Eggs

To have and use Spirits, you must first obtain the various Spirit eggs from monsters. In general, the Serenia Fantasy elite and boss monsters have higher chance of dropping eggs. Once you have obtained the eggs, you can hatch them into different corresponding spirits, assuming that you have the Serenia Fantasy character requirements. Some of the best way to gather spirit eggs is by using Serenia Fantasy auto pilot mode in dungeons with elite mobs.

Hatching Serenia Fantasy Spirits

The different eggs have different hatching chances, however in general we estimate the hatch chance to be roughly 20% or less. The hatched Serenia Fantasy can also have different aptitude levels to make them differ from one another.

Understanding Serenia Fantasy Spirit Stats and Aptitudes

Each of the Spirits all have their own basic stats, in general, the higher level and more rare the pets or spirits are, the more basic stats that they will have. Depending on your character build, you want to have the spirits that specialize in the stat. You want to be able to catch boss pets and highest level pets that you can obtain in the game. The Serenia Fantasy spirit stats will directly add to your character stats when you equip them, after they have been increased by the Aptitude multiplier.

The Serenia Fantasy spirit aptitude acts as a multiplier that differentiate the different spirit at different level. The aptitude is used in the final calculation on the final stats that your spirit can offer your character. The higher the aptitude, the more boost that they give to the basic stats. Because the base stats is set between the Serenia Fantasy spirit pets, you can refine the aptitude to increase the final stats boost.

Spirit Level and Soul Absorb

You can level up your Serenia Fantasy spirit by “feeding” it other spirits. Depending on the level of the spirit, they will offer differing numbers of souls to your spirit, which levels them up. Higher soul level can increase their base stats. In addition, higher level spirits have higher potential on higher soul levels.

Level 10 spirits offer 1 soul.
Level 20 spirits offer 3 souls.

Serenia Fantasy Spirit Talent

When you have spirits equipped on your character while grinding on monsters, the spirit will earn talent Experience points which allows you to unlock additional skills that can boost various stats.

Unlock talent costs one talent point
Level 1 cost 2 talent point
Level 2 pet skill cost 3 talent point.

You can move your talents to your future spirit by “Draw” the talents from your spirits. Then equip them with the spirit that you equip later. However, you cannot stack two of the same talents on the same spirit.

Some of the Serenia Fantasy spirit talents include critical enhancements and evasion, evasion and accuracy, HP and MP, attack, and ASPD.

Spirit Skills

Lastly, you can make spirits stronger by teaching it skills with spirit skill cards.



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