Serenia Fantasy Skill and Talent Guide

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Skills and Talents are items that can set your character apart in Serenia Fantasy. In this guide, we will go over some basic concepts about the different skills and talent that you can enhance in the game.

Serenia Fantasy Skill System

Depending on your character class, you can unlock various skills based on the class that you have chosen in game. You are allowed to learn various skills once you have reached a certain level in the game, the skills themselves however, have to be earned via skill books by killing monsters. Typically speaking, the skills for your level are dropped by the mobs for your level so that they are not that hard to come by.

Leveling Up Skills

There are two ways to level up your Serenia Fantasy skills in the game, the first way is through normal use of skills, and the second way is through the assignment of Serenia Fantasy Magipoints.

Skill Level Via Use

You can upgrade the levels of your spells by using them in battle. However, the Serenia Fantasy Autopilot mode only supports single target skills which make buff and AoE attacks hard to level up, thus, you should focus on using these skills when you are actually at your computer playing, and leave single skill leveling to AFK mode only.

Skill Level Via Magipoints

You can assign your Magipoints to rank up your skills fast and instantly. Magipoints in Serenia Fantasy can be earned via normal hunting or through special items such as the Energy Essence item available in the market or via some special quests. In addition, you can use the “Gold touch” to convert monsters into magipoints 3 times per day. The higher level you are, the more points that you can convert per day. To upgrade your skills with magipoints, simply go to the skill menu and use the slider bar.

It should be noted that you should mainly use the magipoints upgrade on the buff and passive skills, because it is harder or impossible to train them normally with AFK mode.

Serenia Fantasy Talent System

The talent system in the game are usually passive skills or skill unlocks that can compliment your existing Serenia Fantasy skill sets. The talent system operates on a different experience setting. You will unlock your character talent function when you reach level 25 in the game and complete the required main quest. At level 35, you can get more talent challenge that can increase your talent experience greatly.

At level 40, you will unlock the Serenia Fantasy lava cores event to boost your talent experience as well.

There are three main branches in each of the talent skill tree that you can select. You should choose them based on your playing style and skills enhanced to achieve the maximum effects from your Serenia Fantasy talents.



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