Serenia Fantasy: Complete Level Up Guide

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Leveling up is an important aspect in Serenia Fantasy because higher levels can unlock various character enhancement, events, and dungeons in the game. In this guide, we will go over all the ways that you can get experience points and level up faster in the game.

Serenia Fantasy Quests

The quest system in Serenia Fantasy is one of the best way for you to get experience points and level up fast in the game. Some of the quests that you should not miss are main quests and daily quests. The main quests are important because they unlock various features of the game to make your Serenia Fantasy character stronger . The daily Serenia Fantasy quests offer tons of EXP for the work that you have to do. In addition, you should fill the rest of your time with repeatable quests and guild quests to get all the exp possible.

Powerup Your Characters

There are various things that you can do to upgrade your character’s strength  in Serenia Fantasy. These include upgrade and enhance armors, get the strongest Serenia Fantasy spirits ,upgrade wings and mounts . Focus on a certain skill sets  to deal max damage. By powering up and boosting your character in every way possible in Serenia Fantasy.

Make Good Use of Auto-Pilot AFK Mode

Whenever you can leave your computer on such as sleep, work, or study, leave your character on Auto-pilot mode to earn the max EXP possible. You should put yourself in an area where you know that you do more damage than the other players near by.

Daily EXP claim

You can claim daily exp with gold or token in Serenia Fantasy, take advantage of the claims to earn some great instant EXP rewards to level up fast.

Gather Soul Quest in Serenia Fantasy

You can earn gather soul daily EXP. Fight monsters to get soul drops, however make sure that you do not use autopilot mode when you are using the gather soul quest to earn EXP. When you are completing the gather soul, make sure that you collect the same color soul ball drops.

Dungeon Runs

Dungeon runs are another great source of experience points and level up in Serenia Fantasy. Join with a group of party to run dungeons on a daily basis to advance fast in game.

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