Serenia Fantasy: Stronger Character Power Up Guide

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In Serenia Fantasy, there are various and multiple ways to increase your in game power such as attack, health and more. In this complete power up boost guide for Serenia Fantasy, we will list out all the ways and items that you can achieve in the game to have the strongest character toon possible in Serenia Fantasy. You will learn all the ways about how to make your toon stronger.

Craft and Equipment Enhancement

You will obtain the majority of your Serenia Fantasy gears via the crafting option in the game. Depending on your levels, you should always try to obtain the strongest gear possible. When you have reached the required levels, you will typically receive collector quests along with the first gear craft and rank D enhancements.

The initial craft is easy to achieve, most of the items can be obtained easily via the regular mobs. However, to enhance your gears, you will need drops from Chief level monsters in Serenia Fantasy. The enhancement will add additional random stats boost as well as a fixed stat boost. To have the powerful character at your given level in Serenia Fantasy, always make sure that you have crafted the latest gears with all the enhancements that you can manage to get.

Equipment Upgrade

You can make the equipment stronger in Serenia Fantasy through fortify upgrade, Upgrade gems are needed to perform the upgrade. However, they can be purchased via the market place with coupons. The higher level your gears are, the lower the upgrading chances. You can increase the gear fortify upgrade chance by using more upgrade gems while upgrading.

Gear Gem Slotting

Level 30+ gears will start to have gem slots that you can insert gems into. These gems can boost your gears stats even further. Use the gems wisely to suit your playing style to make your character stronger in Serenia Fantasy.

Spirit Eggs and Spirit Upgrade

Spirit in Serenia Fantasy can boost your stats. Obtain and Hatch the highest level spirit that you can get. Keep the ones with the highest Aptitude to get the most out of your spirit. Remember to transfer and upgrade the spirit talents when you change to a higher level or stronger spirits.

Serenia Fantasy Wings and Mounts

We have grouped Wings and Mounts into the same category, because they are very similar in nature. You can upgrade them or merge them via the Fortify function under your bag. Higher level and upgrade of wings and mounts look better and give you better bonuses. However the upgrades will cost your some real life money if you want to upgrade them fast. You can also purchase them with coupon, however this method will take continuous game play time to achieve.

Bur’s Blessing Upgrade

Bur’s Blessing is a Serenia Fantasy cash shop market place user’s upgrade. You can purchase Bur’s Blessing by using 38 tokens per each one. The blessing can be used to boost your ATK, DEF, HP, or Holy attack. By boosting all blessing up to a certain level, you can obtain even better boosts in Serenia Fantasy:

Level 5: ATK +15, DEF +15, HP +300

Level 10: ATK +45, DEF +45, HP +1000

Level 15: ATK +100, DEF +100, HP +2700

Valor Boost

When you reach level 60, you can unlock Valor function to increase your battle power.

Upgrade Serenia Fantasy Skill and Talents

Skills and talent play a major part of your game play in the game. Upgrade your Serenia Fantasy Skills by using them in battle or magipoints. Max all of your skills if possible, or at least the ones that you use. Remember to really only use magipoints on the passive skills because those cannot be trained normally using Autopilot afk mode.

Boost the power of your skills and other game stats by putting points into Serenia Fantasy talents. View each of the talents to see which ones correspond to the skills that you upgraded or use the most. Talents can greatly boost the power of your Serenia Fantasy characters.

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