Serenia Fantasy Basic Wing and Mount Guide

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In Serenia Fantasy, Wings and mounts are two important aspect of the game that will make you look cooler and more powerful. In this basic guide, we will go over the basic information on how Serenia Fantasy wings and mount work.

Serenia Fantasy Mount Guide

You can unlock your first mount in Serania Fantasy when you have reached level 20 main quest and complete the instance. The first mount that you can get in the game is a floating rock. In addition, you can also purchase it through the market.

Serenia Fantasy Mount Purchase

The current mounts that you can purchase in the Market includes:

Floating Stone: 180

Beetle: 350

Snakebird: 220

Bat: 350

Mount Dye: 100

Mount Upgrade

You can make your mounts stronger through mount upgrade. To upgrade your mount, you will need to have the mount EVO potion. As you level up the mount using the upgrade, the appearance of them will change as you upgrade the mount into higher level and stars.

Mount Melding Tips

You can also meld mounts together in Serenia Fantasy. When you meld the mounts, the upgrade level of the main mount will be kept while the meld mount will disappear. The level of the meld mount must be higher than the main mount. To get the unbound Serenia Fantasy mounts, both of the main and meld must both be unbound. Lastly, you can keep the meld mount safe if you use the meld potion.

Serenia Fantasy Wings

The wings in the game pretty much functions exactly the same as the mount. You can upgrade it to make it look bigger and cooler, in addition you can “Trans” it by using two of different wings.

When you reach level 35 in Serenia Fantasy, you will receive amazing Dragon Wings through the main instance quest. In addition, you can purchase Devils wings in the market for 300.

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