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Autopilot is the “AFK” mode in Serenia Fantasy that let you automatically kill the monsters, use skills, and get potions. In this guide, we will go over some basic things that you need to know about the awesome Serenia Fantasy Auto Pilot mode.

Auto Pilot Mode is Free

First of all, at the time of writing as well as in other global versions of Serenia Fantasy, the AFK mode offered is free. This is different compared to some of the other browser MMO’s on the market where you have to purchase VIP or special AFK time to enable.

How to Enable Auto-Pilot Mode

There are two main ways that you can activate the use of auto-pilot mode the first way is by auto path in the quest finders. The auto path will automatically start you on the auto pilot mode.

The second method is by pressing N or on the upper right side of the screen. You can enter the auto pilot interface where you can setup the different skills to use, as well as different potions and actions when your HP and MP is at certain levels. In addition, you can check the type of Serenia Fantasy monsters offered in the screen along with their loot drops. Lastly, you can even choose the types of mobs to hit as well as the loots.

Things to Note for in Auto-Pilot

When you learn new skills, when its allowed, the different Serenia Fantasy skills will be automatically inserted into the auto pilot settings whenever its possible. Some of the skills that cannot be used in auto pilot include AOE and Passive skills.

Be Aware of Stamina

In Serenia Fantasy, you will receive substantially less Exhaust all of your stamina. When stamina is depleted, you will gain very little exp from killing of the monsters. You can only receive free stamina refill once every 6:00. So when you are planning to leave auto-pilot on for a huge amount of time, consider putting your character in maps where they can get the most EXP per kill to maximum the Stamina to EXP efficiency.

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