Serenia Fantasy Guide: A Beginner Guide

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Here is a guide about the Serenia Fantasy ,a Beginner Guide in Serenia Fantasy. Thank Mernieth who posted it on If you have any problem about it, just check below:

When you first log onto you must take the quest from Tamus to start you off on your grand adventure. Along the way You’ll met Garnas who will grant you quest rewards for various equipment and items you may need through out your adventure. Make sure to pick up ALL your quest— because who knows what quest will help you along the way to leveling.

There will come a time when you start gaining Magi Points for your sprite. These points are useful for leveling up your skills. And, remember you must look for your skills at level twenty! Mage must find Meteor Drop, Archer must find Charge Shot and the Warrior must find Pitch. And, it can take awhile to find them. In the CBT I played a Ranger and it took almost two hours to find Meteor Drop . I did find a ton of Pitch and Charge Drops though.

The Collector is there to help you upgrade your gear. You can do the quest he offers or skip them entirely. It’s up to you the player. He does give out EXP if you do his quest, so the side-quest might help.


Another thing one should be on the look out for is eggs. You can not have pets in this game which is okay by my stand point. But, you can transform. Spirits can help you transform.into any spirit in the game! Provide you do have the sprite, and it did hatch successfully from it’s egg.


In the CBT, I’ve learned some helpful hints that I would like to share with you all. Keep all the materials you find unless you don’t need them anymore. They sell for cheap in the consignment (auction house in other games). You should always farm for your items, the experience may be beneficial to you in the long wrong. Now, I don’t mean that as a bad thing. If you don’t want to farm for items that”s fine too. Just make sure you have enough money to pay for every item you need! (And, from what I saw a few things may need to be upgraded once or twice [or more depending on how high your level is)?

Don’t you worry about heals. By the time the CBT was over I had over 600+ HP and MP Pots combined. Be sure to turn into part 2 of Guide of Serenia Fantasy!



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