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Summary: Go into the Captain interface and select the Fleet tab. Drag the icon of the newly recruited captain from your captain list on the left into one of the four squares under the Aiding Ship panel. You can now summon your new captain in combat

I can't log into the game. What should I do?
1. Please refresh the page.
2. Download and install the latest version of Flash, and then reopen your browser.
3. Temporarily shut down your antivirus or firewall and try to log into the game.

You can try the following two way of methods to solve:
  (1)Please try to refresh the page.
  (2)Please close the browser and download and install the latest FLASH plugin.
  (3)Recommend that you temporarily shut down antivirus or firewall software, and then try to login the game again.

When I try to enter the game, I only see a black screen, or a complete mess. What should I do?
We recommend that you clear your browser cache, and then close and reopen the browser.

I'm not yet level 10. How should I play the game?
Please follow the new player tutorial.

I haven't been able to reach level 20 yet, and I still can't kill these monsters. What do I do?
1. Please remember to summon your other captains to assist you in battle.
2. Please remember to use your skills in battle.
3. Please complete side quests to improve your battle rating.

How do I summon a newly recruited captain to help me in combat?
Go into the Captain interface and select the Fleet tab. Drag the icon of the newly recruited captain from your captain list on the left into one of the four squares under the Aiding Ship panel. You can now summon your new captain in combat.

How are ships classified?
Advanced ships are denoted with a crown icon. There are four types of each level of ship:
1. Normal Attack Ships
2. Normal Defense Ships
3. Advanced Attack Ships
4. Advanced Defense Ships

How do I build a ship?   
Open the Shipyard, the in-game ship-building interface, and click on the ship that you want to build. When you click create, the game will point out which materials you are missing and where and how you need to obtain it.

Open the shipyard - shipbuilding interface, click on the one you want to build ships, click create the ships lack of material, the system will automatically direct you to the location of item drops or other systems.

There are 4 different types of ships available at each level, is there a way for me to convert one type of ship to another?
It is easy to convert Attack ships to Defense ships via the Shipyard. By the same token, Normal ships can be converted into Advanced ships there as well.

How do I get new equipment?
In the beginning, you receive low level equipment, blueprints, and materials through questing. As you level up, you will be able to create better equipment by merging equipment through the Forge interface.

How do I know where to obtain the materials I need to merge equipment?
In the merge interface in the Forge, select the equipment you want to merge. If you lack materials to complete the merge, the game will automatically let you know where the item drops and how to obtain it.

How do I level up?   
For new players, the fastest way to level up is to complete quests.

Improve Battle Rating by:
1. Recruiting more powerful captains in the tavern.
2. Creating more powerful ships and merging equipment in the forge.
3. Enhance your equipment.
4. Get more Lucky Stars through astrology.

Cross Server Battle
1. Cross Server Battles will be unlocked once players have reached a certain level.
2. Sign for the battle once the event begins. Once enough players have signed up, they will receive notification that the battle is about to begin and will enter the battleground
3. There are 5 crystal mines on the map and random crystal crates. Deliver crystals to your home base to get points and prize.
4. Defeat the enemy to get more points. Earn more points by chain killing enemies or stopping a chain kill.
5. Earn points for your side. The side with the most points wins the battle.
6. You will get multiple spells on the battlefield, use them wisely to ensure your victory.
7. All prizes will be sent by mail after the event ends.

Mist Isle
1. Mist Isle will be unlocked once players have reached a certain level.
2. Go Mist Isle from the City of Kings.
3. Mist Isle has been split into a few areas that need to be revealed. The events in each area need to be completed before a new area can be revealed.
4. Events might include monsters, other players, treasures, and bosses.
5. Monsters will adjust in strength based on the player’s level and on how much of the island has been revealed. If players are unable to complete the Island, the difficulty will adjust.
6. Ask friends to help you defeat the boss. Friends who help will receive additional rewards.
7. Players should keep exploring after they have completed each area.
8. Reveal all areas of Mist Isle to receive the ultimate prize.
9. Players may refresh the Isle and enter it daily.

1. Battles are turn-based. Each battle has a limited number of turns. Players must defeat the enemy within the turn limit.
2. Some battles have special victory conditions. Players will be notified before battle begins.
3. Players can summon captains to assist in battle, but you cannot control them.
4. Make good use of the terrain.

Ship Select
1. Build your own ship with quest rewards from Lv. 1-20, collect material to build better ships after Lv. 30.
2. There are offensive and defensive ships, choose ships wisely.

Ship Transform
1. Transform your ship to get more power, complete the main tasks to unlock this feature.
2. Equip different parts on your ship to get attribute bonuses.
3. Collect a full set of special equipment to get extra bonuses.

1. The player character and player’s captains all have 6 equipment slots.
2. Players can get equipment by completing tasks, you can also merge equipment.
3. Equipment available in the shop would be quite useful in the early game.
4. Collect material to upgrade your equipment after Lv. 20.

Enhancing Equipment
1. Equipment can be enhanced.
2. There is a failure rate when enhancing equipment.
3. After an equipment reaches its enhance limit, it must be upgraded to be enhanced further.

1. Statues are unlocked once players reach a certain level.
2. Each player and their captains can each carry three statues. Statues can be found by exploring ruins.
3. Each statue has an active skill and a passive skill. Every character can use one active skill and two passive skills.
4. Upgrade statues to get attribute bonuses.
5. Equip God's relic on a statue to make it stronger.
6. You need appraise relics before equipping them on the statue. Relics can be merged to become higher tier relics.

1. The Arena is unlocked based on a player’s questing progress.
2. The player selects his opponent, and will be rewarded no matter if he wins or loses. Rank will increase only if the player wins.
3. Higher ranked players get better Arena prizes.
4. Players gain honor by competing in the Arena and through rewards. A player can earn a higher military rank based on the amount of honor gained, and in so doing, increase his daily salary.

1. Defeat players in enemy camp to gain reputation.
2. Defeat enemies in the camp dungeon for extra reputation.
3. Complete daily camp quests to get more reputation.

Reputation and Nobility
1. Players collect reputation to improve their nobility. Once players collect enough reputation, they can click their portrait to move up a nobility level.
2. There are only a limited number of some titles allowed. Players need to gain enough reputation to reach that level faster than other players to get one.
3. Players with higher titles can purchase more items in the shop.

Pets can cast active spells in battle, all spells have a 25% cast chance. If a skill hasn’t been learned, pets will cast normal attacks.

Pet Skills
Learn a pet skill with a Pet Skill Book, and a number of Skill Cards.After a Pet has filled up all 4 skill slots, learning a new skill will replace one skill at random.

Pet Upgrades
Use Skill books and skill EXP cards to raise pet skill levels.

Pet Enhancement
1. Pet enhancement will be unlocked once players reach a certain level.
2. Resolve unnecessary pet eggs and pets to get soul shards.
3. Use shards to enhance pets.
4. Enhancement levels cannot exceed the pet's current level.
5. You can extract soul shards to enhance other pets.

Camp Battle
1. Camp Wars will be unlocked once players have reached a certain level.
2. Sign up to participate 30 minutes before the battle begins. Players will be unable to sign up once the battle commences.
3. Enter the battle via the sign-up panel once it begins.
4. Occupy all 5 strongholds and defeat as many enemies as you can.
5. Gain points for your camp by occupying Strongholds.
6. Use the tornado to defeat a random player who is not within a safe zone. There is a chance an ally will be targeted.
7. The camp with the most points during the event will win the battle. All participants will get extra bonus as well based on how active they were during the event.


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