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Saga of Hero

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PvP system in Saga of Hero is unique. The PvP is not limited to a room with limited space, but the whole world in Saga of Hero is an open world for PvP. There are total 5 PvP modes available which are Peaceful mode, Justice Mode, Malicious mode, Guild mode, and Team mode. You can switch between the modes to enable different PvP mode according to your desire.

There are 2 modes where you're protected in Saga of Hero PvP modes, which are Peaceful mode and justice mode.

  • Peaceful Mode: In this mode, you can't attack other player, and neither do other players can attack you.
  • Justice Mode: You can fight and attack players with red names in this mode. Players having red names are players who are a little violent and have attacked other players in the recent time.
  • Malicious Mode: This mode is a free for all attack for all players. You can attack anyone and others can attack you as well.
  • Guild mode: You can hit and fight with all the players not in your guild.
  • Team mode: You can hit and fight with all the players not in your Team.

Tips: You can only choose and enter all the PvP modes listed above after your character has reached level 20.

The advantages of entering into various PvP modes in Saga of Hero Origins is that players can choose to train themselves without being disturbed by others, as well as for players to compete among themselves to see who is the strongest after all in Saga of Hero online game.

By killing others in PvP, players can get PK levels where the players will have a red name which replace the white name, and need to wait for an hour to get back the players neutral status.

Tips: You can also get rewards and ranking by killing other players in certain PvP locations or battlegrounds.

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  1. your PVP mode will change automatically into guild mode in guild resources
  2. Server Top 20 PK Value characters can be viewed at Villains-Ranking.



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