Saga of Hero Guide: Capture a Pet

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Saga of hero

Guide to Capture a Pet

1 you character need reach LVL 10 or above

2 Buy Pet Cap Tunes (lvl 10) (buy from Grocer Jack x186 y95)

Saga of Hero

Saga of Hero

3 Talk to Pet Master (x203, y57 Starpolis)

Saga of Hero

4 Click ‘Capture Pet’-‘Enter Isle of the Beasts East’

Saga of Hero

5 Double click Pet Cap Tunes in your backpack after target locked.

Saga of Hero

6 Now you can summon it by click ‘pet’ or press ‘x’and fight with its assistance.

Saga of Hero

Saga of Hero

7 How to leave?

Find Beast Merchant .and talk to him and return to Starpolis.


1You can change pet’s name in your pet’s interface, click ‘Rename’ on the right side of ‘name’

2 Pets can learn skills as lvl up and the skills it learns are random, skills can be upgraded by using Pet skill Book

3 You can simply ‘Free’ your pet if you not satisfy with it and capture a new one as long as you have enough Pet Capture Tunes.

4 How to distribute points?

Strength increases PATK, Vitality increases HP, Agility increases Hit andCrit, Intelligence increases MATK and MP.

5 When you get attacked, 15% or more of the damage will be absorbed by your pet summoned.

6 Players can also purchase pets of top talents and attributes at the Item Shop; a great variety of pets are available to best suit your play style See more senior pet at   

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