Sacred Seasons 2 Review: Changing Like the Seasons

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Sacred Seasons

Sacred Seasons is a flash-based game that puts you in the shoes of cycle heroes whose mission is to take back the white city from the evil that has overrun it. The game is a mix of story-driven gameplay and a very engaging class system that you can say is similar to the job class system of console games Final Fantasy Tactics and Jean d'Arc. Here is a review by Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist. Check below.

Sacred Seasons 2 Review: Changing Like the Seasons

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist

First Impressions
Upon playing Sacred Season S2, I immediately noticed the revamp of the game's in-game look and quality. SS2 has indeed upgraded to a better-looking interface while retaining its cartoonish theme. At first I thought the game is another version of Adventure Quest, another flash based RPG, but as I ventured deep into Heartland I was totally in for a surprise.

Sacred Season 2

Seasons 'R' Us
First off, I liked how they incorporated the seasons into the gameplay, with each season having its own special characteristic that suits a player's preferred game style. Personally, I found the game's story quite interesting because this is my first time encountering a game that uses this theme even if the overall idea behind it is already overused in the RPG genre. I also liked that the game sticks to the story's overall concept behind the 'cycle heroes' while making it an interesting game both in its story and its gameplay. However, the most interesting feature the game has is neither of these two. It's the game's class system that practically provides almost 90% of the interest factor for SS2.

Sacred Season 2

Which to Choose?
In SS2, each season has its own version of the same classes. Let's say a soldier class may fall into the four seasons with each season providing a different attribute that is related to the season. Players may also change into the 23 classes available in the game including some hidden classes that can be acquired through special means. Players, however, need to pay a fee to be able to switch season and classes. Players also need to go through special quests before they can even unlock the other classes, which makes things pretty much a chore for new players.

Sacred Season 2

SS2s class system seems to be a convoluted mish-mash of different classes or the newbies, however, it is pretty important that you have a general idea how each class works and how the seasons affect each job class. Mixing and matching the classes and the season to your gameplay is an adventure in itself and will definitely take most of your time during the first few hours of gameplay. There are a lot of things you can discover in the job classes as you continue on playing and for sure there will be moments where you will eventually be inclined to go to another class and season even after you've already set your heart on one.

So I must say that the game's class system is not really suited for casual gamers who are looking for a pick up and go game. You can however wing it for your first few hours but I'm pretty sure that you'd eventually fall into the notion that you definitely need to understand the class system to be effective.



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