RuneScape Guide: Clan Citadel Construction

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By Skyclad Ape in the official forum

This guide is a supplement to, not a replacement for, the official Jagex instruction manuals. It assumes that you have initiated your citadel, read the knowledge base articles, and read the advanced guide book that Avaloni gives out. It is intended to assist you in planning the upgrading of your citadel. I will add to it over time as additional information becomes available. I will not copy all the knowledge base information here. Read it there, then come here to find help understanding what to do.

My intent is to create an easy-to-read narrative that ties together all the detailed information provided by Jagex.

The Build Tick

The citadel grows by means of weekly “ticks.” During the week you gather resources and plan upgrades. Once a week, the citadel will boot you out and the gathered resources will be used for maintenance and building upgrades. This weekly updating procedure is called a “tick.”

We are allowed to upgrade the following each tick:
1 - The Citadel, AND
2 - Either the battlefield or the storehouse, AND
3 - Two skill plots, AND
4 - Three customization features, which are cosmetic things. I think additional statues of myself would be appropriate. Make a note of it.

We can only upgrade buildings to the same tier as the overall citadel. So at Tier 1 citadel, store house and battlefield cannot be upgraded to Tier 2.

I think you should prioritize upgrading the storehouse over upgrading the battlefield, as this will make future improvements easier. It raises the per-person skilling caps a lot and it also helps by carrying over some (but not all) unused resources from week to week.

You don’t just get the new skill plot once you've qualified for it, you have to build it. This means that for Week Two, you won’t have any stone for upgrading. Which means you can NOT upgrade the store house OR the battlefield in Week Two. However, you CAN set the storehouse to upgrade, even though there isn't any stone to complete it. At least you will be able to add logs.

Runescape Clan Citadel Construction Guide

Skilling Spot Tier Requirements for Citadel Upgrades

The woodcutting plot must be upgraded to Tier 2 and the mining plot must be built (Tier 1) before the Citadel will upgrade to Tier 3. So here’s how it should probably go:

Tick 1: Upgrade Citadel to Tier 2 (cost 12,000 wood)

Tick 2: Build mining plot (cost 700 wood), upgrade woodcutting plot to Tier 2 (cost 800 wood), start storehouse upgrade to T2.

Tick 3: Upgrade Citadel to Tier 3 (cost 17,500 wood, 15,000 stone), upgrade Storehouse to T2 (cost 1,000 wood, 400 stone), upgrade mining plot to T2, (cost 500 wood, 400 stone)

Tick 4: Begin work on T3 storehouse (can't finish without metal bars, but we can add wood and stone), build FM plot T1, build Smithing plot T1.

Tick 5 - We can do T3 WC and Mine, can't do anything else without bars except maybe add a few statues.

Tick 6 - Now we have bars, so we can finish storehouse and do T2 FM and smith

Tick 7 - Citadel T4, battlefield T3, mining and smithing T3.

The Citadel can only be upgraded to the next tier if certain tier skilling plots are present. Skilling plot tier requirements for to upgrade the Citadel for Tiers above Tier 3 have not been released, so we will have to figure that out as we go.

*** Note - The advanced guidebook says there a full list of ***
*** these requirements in the knowledge base, but there is ***
*** NOT, I looked. If you find it, please let me know ! ***

However, since Jagex HAS released the requirements for starting a Tier 3 citadel, here is my best guess as to the minimum skill-plot requirements for higher-tier citadels:

Citadel Tier 3: WC T2, Mine T1
Citadel Tier 4: WC T2, Mine T2, FM T2, Smith T2 <-- New pattern?
Citadel Tier 5: WC T3, Mine T3, FM T3, Smith T3
Citadel Tier 6: WC T4, Mine T4, FM T4, Smith T4, Craft T4, Summ T4
Citadel Tier 7: WC T5, Mine T5, FM T5, Smith T5, Craft T5, Summ T5

Runescape Clan Citadel Construction Guide

Skilling Plot Upgrade Benefits

The benefits of a higher-tier skill plot appears to be that you can:
- Fill your weekly work quota faster (This is now confirmed, see next page, post 4, for more detail)
- Charge your clan ring with more free experience.

The experience rate seems to stay the same.

Since we can only upgrade 2 skilling plots per build tick and either/or the battlefield or storehouse, and since there are seven skilling plots ...

The very minimum number of build ticks possible to get all buildings to Tier 7 is 26.

See below for the shortest OPTIMAL PATH to maxed-out citadel.



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